Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cardinal Visit

Morning dawned crisp and bright
Aloft from my dreams this night
Along the path all on our own
I wish you every joy I’ve known

On this bright morning loud and clear
Its shrill echoed oh so near
Relishing first light, while sipping  tea
The bird, the brook, the path, the trees

He sings not but for a spoken few
Yet now appears as if on cue
Snowflakes interlace with tearful eyes
As I look upwards to tree and sky

Whenever you should need me
Look to the cerulean skies
Raise your heart and soul upon the winds
To reveal a gladden red surprise

All things will be clear to you
Fate is in no one’s hands
You must let go
Let love expand

You’ll figure out
what you want to do
Keep doing your thing while staying true
Just keep being you…

I wrote this poem last evening after visiting Reena's blog,  Missing Moments. A big thank you to you Brian Miller, for this evocative prompt and to you Reena,  your amazing images are stunningly beautiful…Below are two journey entries from my healing journey after losing my daughter Chantelle in a car accident in 1992.

Journal Entry December 24, 1992
I dreamt of Chantelle again. She and I were walking together along a path.  She showed me land and said;  this is where you and Bob will build a new home. The land was tree covered and there was a brook running through the middle. She also showed me how it looked through all the changing seasons.  I asked her for a sign so that I will know that she is safe at peace.  She looked to the skies and told me, when you see a Cardinal and pointed back to the land.
Journal Entry March 2, 1995
I arose early, made made my tea and began reading from my newest book. I became totally engrossed inn the words on the pages,  Quite out of the blue,  I sensed an odd feeling come over me.  It was an energizing , humming sensation throughout my entire body.  Words alone cannot describe what I was feeling.  It was reminiscent of the dream I had  about Chantelle and the land.. The land that we now live on in our new home.  I felt an intense presence within and then as quickly as it came, it was suddenly gone, leaving me emotionally drained.   It evoked my memory of the question I asked Chantelle in my dream,,,”I need a sign, so I will know that you are safe and at peace”.   I was then compelled to look out our kitchen window.   I wondered, as I gazed through the window when if ever I would see a Cardinal., since our neighbors informed us, they had never seen any Cardinals here.  I continue my gaze, taking in the remains of winter blanket, when there on the ground was the most beautiful red Cardinal, I had ever seen.  I could hardly believe my eyes. I wept tears of joy, for I knew this was my sign.  The gorgeous bird, stayed long enough for me to snap a picture through my kitchen window.  The remainder of the day left me with a feeling of calm joy.  I am so thankful for the connection I have with Chantelle and I know that the glimpses will continue and no matter how subtle or quiet they are, I will appreciate them as a divine gift.


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