Monday, October 31, 2011

☻ѽ☻ ĩŦ'Ş ɱΛɢĩ¢ Ŧĩɱ£! ☻ѽ☻

ომցἶƈ  ომցἶƈ  ომցἶƈ ომցἶƈ ომցἶƈ ომցἶƈ ომցἶƈ  
☆☾ ☽☆☾ ☽☆☾☽☆☾ ☽☆☾ ☽☆☾ ☽☆☾ ☽☆☾☽☆

When darkness falls,
you cannot speak
Because you imagine
the spooks and the creeps

Ghostly sounds
create despair
Shadows envelope

Wicked winds whisper,
Yet nothing is seen
No need to worry
It’s just Halloween!

Children disguised
arrive at your door
Pumpkins, masks,
candy galore

With breathless impatience,
the trick-or treat rush
For Halloween’s magic
is now upon us

☻Ѽ ☻Ѽ ☻Ѽ ☻☻Ѽ☻☻Ѽ ☻Ѽ ☻Ѽ ☻☻Ѽ☻
Ʈяick oя Ʈяεat  Ʈяick oя ƮяεatƮяick oя Ʈяεat

.ི৲)⁺.✿╠╣αppy Ѽ ╠╣αlloween!
⁺✿ ((৴ྀ
ི৲)) . ✿⁺
. . ((৴ྀ ♥

  ѼӇαłłøωeen ƤυмρκınƓнσstℓу Sσυη∂ѕ ✯ Spookta¢ulaя Ɠɧσşŧş
^v^ IԵ'ṡ ʍɑɢɨc Ƭɨɱε

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thought Of The Day

¸.´¯`·.☆♥ Thought of the day¸.´¯`·.☆♥ When we eat junk food, our body is still searching for nutrients and you "of course" still feel hungry¸.´¯`·.☆♥ Your body will continue to search for more of the food that it "Needs".¸.´¯`·.☆♥  Please feed my hunger and restore my right mind ¸.´¯`·.☆♥

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Portal To Love ~ Remembering Chantelle

A Portal To Love

Where is the girl with the golden hair

She lives in a place not far from here

How can I find her
Where do I start

All your to do is
Look with your heart.

Where is this place
How can this be

You arrive everyday,
Only eyes cannot see

You must look with your soul
Trust in your heart
You can visit in dreams
You can feel and take part

You’ll sense her in spirit
Where true Love runs free
Her gifts from the heart
Show what eyes cannot see

Chantelle Lee Lace  
My beautiful daughter
November 25 1975 ~ October 2 1992
Today marks nineteen years. 

I cannot believe it has been that long. 
~ Your essence is with me everyday ~
Your Love is ever-present..


♥༻ Faith is daring the soul 
to go beyond what the eyes can see༺♥

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