Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Romancing The Past


Tranquil scene
Like an old & familiar friend
Welcomed Déjà vu
Peace once again

High-spirited dreams
Rose-coloured theme
Aura of mystique abound
Charming treasures found

Timeless secret portal
Come what may
Evoke forgotten memories
Of by-gone days


Amazing weekend away at Niagara On The Lake ☆¸.♥´¯`ི♥ྀ Just what I needed ~  Perfect Weather ~ Delicious Meals ☆¸.♥´¯`ི♥ྀ  Fun Shopping ~ Horse & Carriage Ride ~ High Tea ☆¸.♥´¯`ི♥ྀ  Fantastic Theater ~ My Fair Lady & Cat On A Hot Tin Roof ☆¸.♥´¯`ི♥ྀ  Beautiful Canterbury Inn ☆¸.♥´¯`ི♥ྀ It's always great to get away, but there is "No Place Like Home ~ No place Like Home home" ☆¸.♥´¯`ི♥
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Walk In The Park

There was bright sky's this afternoon as my husband and I walked along the river and through our beautiful park. The crows caw overhead, spurring on the change of season, just as I am trying to change my routine to hopefully change my mood. 

Many who know me may not realize the struggle I have had with depression my entire life. I’ve become quite a little actress, it seems.  Just when I think that I am making strives, I seem to stumble, having to battle my way back once again.  I  often times wrestle with melancholy, which seems to be close to the surface. 

 What I'm finding helpful is to become more cognizance of my thoughts, meditating to remain conscious and aware. I remind myself to try to stay in the present and to release any expectations so I may purge this enemy for good. I know my tears fall from a place of love, so I must hold tight to that love and let it stay to comfort my soul. I must try thinking differently, knowing that my mind clutter is just a record of all that I have experienced and that releasing what once was is all right and as it should be. 

Depression is difficult to understand, especially for those looking in from the outside. It's taxing to try and make sense of it all. So I am resolved to accept my on again off again melancholy as a part of who I am; that sadness is somehow a vital part of my journey. You cannot live through such losses without an undercurrent of sadness remaining. 

Today's walk in the park opened my eyes to this as an amazing epiphany, as a sudden intuitive leap of understanding. 
A walk out in nature helped me realize that each tomorrow is a new beginning just waiting for me to grab hold and start anew.

 Photos by Helena
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
~ Marianne Williamson

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Early morning bird songs change according to the season.
On these last days of summer, the crows take the stage.
They caw with such enthusiasm, announcing that
autumn is returning once again.
Today the air is close, filled with humidity
~ the aftermath of recent storms.
A subtle breeze stirs the stale, close air.
This quiet stillness of morning is interrupted by
Canadian geese flying overhead ~
Their honking is loud, overpowering the crows call.

Autumn, my favourite season with its vivid colours
that are so intoxicating, yet nevertheless bittersweet.
No other season causes me to look back, nor makes me
more nostalgic or fills me with such an intuitive sense of
longing for the past, than autumn.
Blazing fall colours awaken long-forgotten, heartfelt memories.
Emotional recollections are stirred up and rustle like leaves
that are gathered in neat little piles.

Even with all that fall brings to light, I still look forward to the days that are brighter than the balmiest days of summer, when the sun’s sultry glow charms the fringe of the world.
Sinking in a red glow, the warm inviting sun reflects the bright jewels of autumn. Therefore, I must learn to honour my soul the freedom to savour the views of gilded gold's, rustic reds and outrageous oranges that are scattered across our fall landscape. To once again allow myself the joy of autumn evenings,which bring on brisk air ~ turning leaves and a larger-than-life setting sun that is still radiant beneath the horizon.

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