Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice

☽☆☾ On the 21st day of Christmas 
I am grateful to Bless the Winter Solstice ☽☆☾ 
Take a deep breath in... 
Solstice Sun, Shine Bright ☽☆☾
At this magical beautiful
Sentimental Season
It is natural to look back
And remember all the good things
From Christmas Past
The human Heart’s so
Encouraged by Love
That the Christmas memories
Magnify in our Imaginations
and comfort our Human Spirit
During this gentle Season
May you find time to
Enjoy the beauty of
Each quiet moment
And Remember
To see the sacred
We must slow down
And find stillness
May Peace Love and Light surround you as
The Christmas Spirit Whispers to your Heart 

© Hεlεɳa ωнιтє ωίԵђ Լ♥ϋє

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Missing You

Forever Loved ❤ Never Forgotten

Soft winds that whisper love's essence
are close by
just reach for acceptence
and never ask the why's

For Chantelle

Disquieting tears
From the past
Rise from my soul
And pool in my eyes
Love Mom

Today I am reminded how fleeting our time here on earth truly is. It has been twenty one years since my daughter Chantelle passed away…I recall a conversation with Chantelle weeks before her accident where she thought that people just forget about you after we die. Her viewpoint came from the loss of a friend, who only weeks before died from injuries suffered in a car accident. She was troubled by how seemingly everyone just continued on after the funeral. Soon after Chantelle’s accident, I vowed that I would keep her memory alive.

I’m often asked how I continue to cope after the unthinkable happens. It is impossible to convey how lost I felt at the time, however the way that I’ve been able to break free from the bottomless pit of grief is to trust the wisdom of my intuition – my ability to know something without rational evidence that proves it to be so. Life after life. To be so sure of something, yet unable to articulate it in words. I consider that to be my greatest spiritual gift. While searching for the need to find meaning in all that happened, I have learned to also respect the mystery of it all.

Throughout this journey I have taken many backward glances. The past is such a delicate thing. Most of the time memories are fragmented, like shards of broken glass. Then there are other times I recall moments with breathtaking clarity. These memory moments hold the beauty, the joy and the love we are all here to experience. My life is certainly different from the one I thought I would be living. Through it all I have come to realize we are here to love certain souls, unconditionally. Some we give birth to, others we meet in a serendipitous way, others are family. It is these soulful connections that I consider sacred moments that will live within us my precious angel, Chantelle Lee Lace.

Lacy you will Always be Loved & Never Forgotten

In loving memory of my daughter Chantelle
November 25, 1975 ❤ October 2, 1992

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Where Bloggers Create Party Time

((ྀ♥ αη∂ α νєяу ωαям
.ི৲(ྀ♥ ωєℓcσмє тσ...

Thank you for visiting Memory Box Creations where I love to share bits of my heart and life, and some of my other delights like my love of writing poetry, photography, decorating, recipes, 
and where I sometimes fashion lovely creations and share all things beautiful.
Լ♥ϋє ♥ Hεlεɳa ωнιтє

Always remember a ƑƦƖЄƝƊ may be waiting behind a strangers face.
Wow! Time certainly does fly.  Has it really been a year already?  I have been looking forward to the
  Where Bloggers Create Party get-together and I  am especially looking forward to visiting everyone's creative spaces.  I have been busy training a new Sheltie pup and I also hurt my back (nothing serious) so I have not been creating much of anything lately, but I look forward to getting inspired by all the wonderful creative ladies.  A big Thank you to Karen Valentine from over at My Desert Cottage  for hosting yet another awesome, fun party.
  I have to share our new little fur baby's picture.
On Valentines Day we adopted a new addition to our family
Say Hello to Lacy our little Shetland Sheepdog, LACY
My Sewing and Craft  Room

My space is an out-in-the-open airy area in our basement.  We carved out an 8’ X 16’corner in our basement just for me to play to my hearts content.  I wanted a half wall and full open wall, so as not to feel claustrophobic. Each of my craft spaces are inspired by childhood memories or what I call  “Heart Treasures.” Those wonderful memories that stay with us all the way into adulthood.  I enjoy being surrounded with the things I love , things that evoke all good memories, which include keepsakes passed down from my mother and grandmothers, to vintage finds, as well as my own childhood toys and trinkets that somehow 
endured the many years of play by my siblings and myself.
Pictured here is my childhood vintage iron,
 a sock darner, and my vintage doll ,
 a gift brought back from Hawaii by my uncle.
A Dresser makes for great storage, housing patterns, scrapbook papers, photos, fabric, lace…
My favourite ivory cabinet holds books and fabric.  
This was a great find at a discounted warehouse sale. 
One leg needed repairing, which my hubby did.
  Gotta Love Crystal!  The perfume bottle center stage 
was my paternal Grandmothers.
Two of my cute fully jointed lovingly handmade 
Teddy Bear creations.This very special bear with the red hat is one of a set of twins that I made for a bereaved parent, using a piece of clothing of their loved one to 
create a one of a kind keepsake.
I prefer to keep most of my items behind closed doors.  I have a large closet type room down the hall where all my stash is. Trust me you’re not missing anything. 

Bookcase to hold fabric and glass jars filled with buttons, 
lace, stamps and ribbons.
Ribbons and lace and buttons oh my!
 My Sewing Machine…Okay, I don’t really sew on a lace covered table, but it looks so pretty doesn’t it? lol!
My childhood doll. 
A gift from my Uncle while visiting Hawaii  
I found this used farmhouse style kitchen island at another local Shoppe. It is the perfect height for cutting fabric.  Also I re-purposed my kitchen Bar stools, which are perfect for sitting and scrapbooking. It has tons of storage. 
A recipe card holder is going to be re-purposed to hold pictures of my creations. 
 Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button? When I was a little girl, my Mom taught me how to sew on buttons, by having me practice sewing beautiful buttons onto the cardboard that was used to package silk nylons. I loved my button cards!
The ivory lace bear was one of the first bears I made out of my daughters graduation dress to safe guard her memory, which lead me to create other keepsake mementos for other bereaved parents who have lost a child.
One of my many embroidery samplers

My upstairs office studio
A place of my own
 This is my first desk which we had made from a 
Just Pine wood working shoppe
I love my black bookcase. Another great find 
from my favourite local shoppe.
A room of my own where I enjoy my morning tea. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour? I want to thank you all for taking the time to visit and I look forward to mingling with all the quests at the party in hopes of meeting some new friends. Be sure to share a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade with me on the porch before you leave. 
Say Goodnight Lacy
It has been a joy to be apart of  Where Bloggers Create Party Hosted by Karen Valentine Be sure to visit Karen’s beautiful blog, My Desert Cottage where the full list of all the party goers in the 5th annual Where Bloggers Create 2013 blog party and enjoy!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Graduation

Hallie and Emilie

It seems so cliche' to say, “Where has the time gone?” 

And yet, I still can’t figure out how two little baby girls can now be graduating from grade eight.
It seems like only yesterday when we were celebrating your first birthdays. Oh and how I was so lucky to be able to baby sit you full time making it my only chance to be a hands-on-grandma. That couldn’t have been all those years ago. . . could it?

When you were growing up, we shared lots of mac and cheese, corn chips and oh can't forget the peeled sliced apples. We played games, read stories, scrap -booked together and enjoyed many sleepovers. You loved learning to embroider and had fun baking cupcakes with me. You always smiled and laughed while playing with our Sheltie Topaz and she would get excited when ever she saw you both come through our front door.

Now your both graduating from public school all ready to start a new phase of your lives in high school. You both come loaded with some strong creativity genes. Your maternal great grandmother was a talented knitter and seamstress and your Great Great Great Great Grandfather was a writer and poet.

Yes I have complete faith in you Hallie and Emile and your ability to become whatever you want to be. With passion you will follow your bliss and carve out your own little piece of the world. I have a clear vision of you both achieving whatever your hearts desire and I’ll be watching and cheering you on.

Much love and good fortune to you both dear granddaughters on this very special day. . . and far into the future. Being your Grandparent is a joy and I love you both so very much.

Happy Graduation!
Love Grandma xox
Hallie and Emile grade eight Graduation 
My little Angels

♥ I Love You

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Dressing Table

“She doesn’t need 
anybody to laugh with,
 she just laughs...and sees 
beautiful things everywhere”
 – Sandra Cisneros

What do you do to make a blue day beautiful?
On those days when melancholy sneaks in and tries to cloud 
your sun.  We have all experienced  gloomy days, 
when life becomes a little grey.
 On grey days I find its best to pause and reflect on the simple 
pleasures and  envelop yourself with beautiful things. 
Surrounding yourself with beautiful things that you love creates 
a magical allure which will attract even more beautiful things.
Oh and when you share beautiful things, magic appears and sifts 
and scatters like glistening fairy dust, whilst everything it touches leaves 
a sprinkling of pure enchantment in its wake.

 My vanity table evokes beautiful memories from my childhood

When I was small my Mother would make dressing tables 
for my sisters and I by covering old orange crates with floral 
cotton fabrics.  She would gather colourful tiny rose patterned fabric, stitch
 and fasten ruffles to make it special for us.  I still smile when I reminisce 
about my very own dressing table.  All those many years ago, I had a 
place of my own.   A perfect dressing table to hold my hairbrush and 
comb set,  pink of course, and my hair barrettes along with my other collections 
of trinkets anything that deserved this special spot.  Whenever I see dressing 
tables in magazines or on Pinterest it propels me back in time to when I was 
that little girl and how my Mom transformed our otherwise pale world into a 
little place of beauty.  

Sharing with Make it Pretty Monday

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blue On Blue

Heaven Scent
In the twilight of the moonlight
  In the sea of tranquility
  Nestled there amongst the clouds
  Celestial sea of ethereal clouds
  Light of sky the bay of rainbows
  Sky of delicate blue divine
  Sky so full of gossamer wings
  Veiled beneath an ocean of stars
  Soared the Angels heaven scent
  Soared their flight in Sea of nectar
                              - Helena White

Brighten a room with Cobalt Blue

As an child, I remember really being drawn to 
 cobalt blue and was mesmerized by the color.
I started grouping some of the 
glass pieces I'd collected over the 
years in brightly lit windowsills
My dining room window shimmers with deep sea blue light, as the my cobalt blue collection filters sunlight into the room.
I love how the sun reflects its beauty

Come along with me to 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Love White Dishes

“Home is the nicest word there is.” Laura Ingalls Wilder 

I have always had a fondness for white dishes.
Dinnerware, tea sets, ironstone, porcelain all stir a childlike passion in me.

Beginning a collection this past summer 
proved to be so much fun!

I added a few of my Madeline dinnerware 
pieces to my display.
  Oh, the beauty of Ironstone.

This table was a serendipitous find at my local florist.  They were selling off some of there display tables and quickly snapped this adorable table up to showcase my white dish Collection.

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