Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Dressing Table

“She doesn’t need 
anybody to laugh with,
 she just laughs...and sees 
beautiful things everywhere”
 – Sandra Cisneros

What do you do to make a blue day beautiful?
On those days when melancholy sneaks in and tries to cloud 
your sun.  We have all experienced  gloomy days, 
when life becomes a little grey.
 On grey days I find its best to pause and reflect on the simple 
pleasures and  envelop yourself with beautiful things. 
Surrounding yourself with beautiful things that you love creates 
a magical allure which will attract even more beautiful things.
Oh and when you share beautiful things, magic appears and sifts 
and scatters like glistening fairy dust, whilst everything it touches leaves 
a sprinkling of pure enchantment in its wake.

 My vanity table evokes beautiful memories from my childhood

When I was small my Mother would make dressing tables 
for my sisters and I by covering old orange crates with floral 
cotton fabrics.  She would gather colourful tiny rose patterned fabric, stitch
 and fasten ruffles to make it special for us.  I still smile when I reminisce 
about my very own dressing table.  All those many years ago, I had a 
place of my own.   A perfect dressing table to hold my hairbrush and 
comb set,  pink of course, and my hair barrettes along with my other collections 
of trinkets anything that deserved this special spot.  Whenever I see dressing 
tables in magazines or on Pinterest it propels me back in time to when I was 
that little girl and how my Mom transformed our otherwise pale world into a 
little place of beauty.  

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