Leaving A Trace


With this blog, my intentions are to step outside of my comfort zone of living to please others, in the hopes of finding like-minded friends and writers who seek to share ideas, ponder choices, and explore inspirations. I appreciate all comments on my blog (positive or negative) as a means of encouraging an ever-evolving dialogue.

In the past, I would allow myself to become paralyzed by what others thought of me. I would literally shut down and suppress the life of my choosing, therefore, living the life that people expected of me. I realize now, making choices that others did not like or understand, will not result in my destruction nor will my world crumble and fall. Free will and free choice are gifts we have been given that allow soul growth, so that we do not remain stuck in the quagmires of the past.

As I revealed in my previous poem, "Old Friend", (see below) I would spread a blanket under the favourite tree of my childhood and write with total abandonment. I experienced the contentment of expressing my true, uninhibited feelings with no concern of being corrected or judged. This total freedom of choice always centered and calmed me, allowing me to process my emotions as well as my own truth.

Every day spirit speaks...inspiration arrives presenting us with even more choices. Our bliss echoes through our choices as well as our feelings. We must remember the value in dreaming our own dreams, as we follow our heart's true calling.

It is not up to us to control others' thoughts or assumptions, as we try to understand them. They, too, have the freedom to make their own judgments and choices. We can choose how we react to others' choices and interpretations through our attitudes and questions. May we grow in love, in forgiveness, and in wisdom, as we ask for the strength to make the right choices...ones that benefit the whole while bringing the healing we seek.

Old Friend

With my back up against the trunk of an old tree,
I would write.

In the summer, I’d seek out the large shade tree in our back yard.
With a cozy blanket to soften the ground beneath me,
I allowed its spendor to embrace me.
While under its protective canopy,
I would always feel safe.
Having always loved words,
putting pen to paper was and still is my bliss.

Gazing up through the majestic maple,
I found escape easy and with little effort
I would write down my most
private thoughts and imaginings.
In quiet solitude,
I gave attention to my life, to my memories,
to the subtle details as they were presented.
I would find my authentic self when enveloped by nature
and especially when all was in quiet stillness.

Thoughts of the tree evoke many tangible memories.
Rich deep colours fall in slow motion,
offering their beauty as a gift unique for me alone.
By late afternoon the sun enveloped the space,
basking a warm golden glow.
It was then that inspiration would strike,
again guiding my pen to discover paper.


Leaving A Trace

We seldom ever see beyond our own reside.
The wonders that surround us are too often held inside.

Writing creates focus and allows us the space to find our authentic selves.
You can be transformed by the many insights you will discover by keeping a journal. Our unedited script from within is no longer held hostage by mind chatter when we enter the safe haven of journaling. Getting to know yourself through writing is truly a wonderful adventure. A gift to ones self. By filling the empty pages with our innermost opinions, expectations and stories along with the simple details of everyday life, creates focus and connection to life itself. Putting pen to paper takes you on a quest, a journey of the self, that will reveal who you truly are.

Putting my thoughts down on paper, helps me figure out how I feel and this has helped me make meaningful changes in my life. The written word exposes our deepest desires and our greatest fears. It enables us to see things with clarity, so that we may continue on our way. Everyone can realize this, simple by leaving a trace.

♥  © ஆεlεɳa
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