Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Allure


Late night rendezvous
triggered anxious thoughts of you

Crossing the proverbial line
initiates another glass of wine

Flirting romantic advances
spark sexy teasing dances

Intoxicated plumes
In a smoke filled room

The greasy spoon smell
Broke the hypnotic spell

I roused and looked around
Overwhelmed by the jukebox sound

Head held in shaking hands
Another coffee lands

Eyes cower trying to flee
Desperately scribbling poetry

This tempting respite sigh begets
A napkin housing unspoken secrets

Posted for Sunday Photography Interview: Scott Wyden & Poetry Challenge

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Tempest

The evening floats in on the down of a dove wing

Fledgling birds are huddled  all cozy in their nest,
while the blizzard- like storm crept in unnoticed

Shielded in a makeshift bunker,  I marvel at  how brief,
yet so powerful the storm played out

My heart skips a beat with every thunder trumpet

My hands fall from my ears as I search the
magnificent sky for signs of turquoise

Here in the quiet aftermath I listen for the
last wind of the day to soften.

For One Shot Wednesday  
Special thanks to  Moondustwriter
And over at  Dodge Writes:  JL prompts us with USE THESE WORDS... 
The rules this time are you must use all 10 of the words given with any tense of the word .  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Remembering Dyann

Tuesday Tales With Dodge Writes
Over at Dodge Writes,  JL  has offered up  Ghost Stories as the subject for us to write a prose… Although there is no ghost in my story, I think my story is worth sharing here.

At my sister Dyann’s grave I had the following 
words inscribed on her gravestone;

“May the winds of Heaven comfort your gentle Spirit”

Below is what I read at her funeral:

The following words came to me several months ago. I was compelled to write them down, yet at the time I did not know why they had found my pen, until today.   As I share them with you today, together perhaps we will find their meaning.

For Dyann

The time has come for you to leave
this place we call our own
You lived your life the best you could
And now your going home

The true home from which we came
Has called you to it’s arms
It welcomes you completely
And will keep you safe from harm

Most certainly we'll miss you
Our memories we’ll keep close
Your presence here was cherished
Your love has meant the most

So let us feel the joy and celebrate
For today you start anew
For on the other side
They’re awaiting to comfort you

I felt the love surround us
As you gently slipped away
Which tells me you’ll be close
Forever and the day

So today is not goodbye
Your journey is forever more
I offer my farewell
Until we rendezvous once more

Love, your sister Helena

I wrote this poem non stop early one quiet morning.  
I may never understand why these words transpired back on December 30th 1996, 
but I do know that when my sister passed those many months later
I immediately remembered the poem and how I knew the words 
were meaningful just for Dyann.

“You lived your life the best you could”

~My sister Dyann was mentally challenged~

“Your love has meant the most”

~Dyann loved her family with unconditional childlike innocence~

“I felt the love surround us as you gently slipped away”

~I sat close to her bedside holding her hand as I said goodbye~

My sister Dyann died from the result of a brain bleed on August 23, 1997 in her fifty fourth year.  Though as tragic as this was, Dyann helped numerous others through her remarkable gift of life through tissue and organ donation. My beautiful sister gave the gift of life to six people as well as the gift of sight. 

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tea With Helena–An Interview


I am pleased to share my interview by fellow blogger
Victoria Ceretto-Slotto @
A big thank you to Victoria.   
Her generosity of spirit fills me with gratitude.
Please take a moment to visit Victoria's blog ~

Interview by Victoria ~
As I was approaching the 5000th comment on my blog, I decided I wanted to do something new and special to celebrate. I always enjoy learning more about fellow poet-bloggers and so I decided that I would interview the person whose comment helped me achieve this benchmark…and every 1000th comment’s blogger thereafter. Helena of Memory Box Creations, is the first person to be featured. I hope you enjoy visiting with her as much as I have. ~ Victoria

Helena--Memory Box Creations

When did you first start blogging, Helena?

I started blogging January 2011.

What prompted you to join the blogosphere?

After joining face book over a year and a half ago. I began sharing some of my poems and quotes. Through one of the games I befriended a lovely lady who offered poetry prompts. I joined in and found the feedback for my poetry to be very positive. Another woman who participated in her prompts, mentioned that she had a blog and that I should think about starting one. After much thought and a lot of encouragement, I decided to try it. My friend JL, who does the poetry prompts also started a blog at the same time.

Whenever I visit your blog, Memory Box Creations, I experience a sense of nostalgia, like stepping back in time. It’s a comforting feeling. What is the inspiration behind your blog?

Thank you, Victoria. My intention was to present a welcoming ambiance. The title is a story in and of itself. I had once written about “Finding Comfort in a Memory Box” during my bereavement after losing my daughter Chantelle. Through the agonizing task of going through her personal things, I purchased a beautiful Pine Blanket Box and placed it in the middle of her room. Whenever I was strong enough, I would enter her room and place things in the box that held special meaning for me. I soon referred to it as the Memory Box. I also made a keepsake Teddy Bear from Chantelle’s high-school graduation dress. I soon was making keepsakes for other bereaved parents, so Memory Box Creations was born out of “healing” my profound grief. I imagined my blog to reflect a place of welcoming comfort that is somewhat reminiscent of a Victorian Tea Room. The inspiration comes from my dream of always wanting to have my own Tea Room…one that included the beauty of nature, my love of French country, shabby-chic decorating, and the simple pleasures where we can each find our bliss.

Aside from poetry, what else will the visitor find on your site?

My hope is to include my love of such pastimes as embroidery, photography, scrapbooking, sharing recipes, home décor {nesting} and of course my favourite – Christmas decorating. However, my blog is still a work in progress. At first, I thought I would have to create individual blogs for each topic! Lol! So I do have another blog titled, Leaving A Trace, where I write my personal view on topics of interest, such as “Chasing Happiness”. After researching my family tree, I wrote about my Great, Great Grandfather, whom I discovered was a published author. I’m finding this is an ever-changing, evolving process, and I am excited to see where it may take me next.

There is a strong spiritual quality to your blog. You speak of love, forgiveness, healing, the freedom to choose. How has blogging influenced your personal and spiritual journey?

I believe everyone has a story, some just have more chapters than others. Through my own healing journey, my journaling became a catharsis, a spiritual release of the emotional pain of grief. Blogging has become an extension of this by sharing and exposing my own pain - hoping that by doing so, I am able to help others along their journey. I believe our spiritual journey is never ending. What I have learned from blogging is that we are all basically on the same path of discovery – seeking truth. I’ve learned that all a person needs in life is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. We all just want to be heard and acknowledged. Blogging has been another outlet for me, whereas my angst has always been my inability to articulate the spoken word as well as my written word.

Which poetry communities do you visit? Do you have a “philosophy” relating to comments?

* One Stop Poetry * Monday Memories * Monday’s Child * Write a Letter Wednesday * Theme Thursday * Dodge Writes *
(I’m still exploring – any recommendations?)  Other sites I might recommend are Jingle’s Poetry Rally and Jingle’s Poetry Potluck. Both of these sites encourage poets to exchange visits and comments. Potluck offers a prompt each Monday. Check out my blogroll for these links and for other sources of prompts.

Do you have a “philosophy” relating to comments?

Comments…I’m still trying to figure out the whole protocol about commenting. Who doesn’t like comments? I do find it frustrating not being able to enjoy the immediate response like it is on facebook. I have seen some bloggers respond on their own posts. I find it hard to believe that fellow bloggers will go back to view the post (where they left their comment) to see if there was any response... especially if they leave a lot of comments. As far as a philosophy goes, the consensus is still out, except to say that I appreciate all comments on my blog.

What inspires your writing? Is there any particular writing form that you prefer? Do you write anything aside from poetry.

My inspiration comes from all facets of life, including personal experiences, love, animals, nature, as well as the profound emotions that accompany the loss of a child. My personal sensitivity and awareness have lent themselves to writing for as long as I can remember. During my youth I would spread a blanket beneath my special tree, accompanied with pen and paper and surrender to my writer’s imagination. Not only have I always written from the heart, but I am fortunate to have been blessed with a vivid dream life. My dreams are sometimes like a story that’s being told to me. Although I have ventured into various forms of the written word, I prefer to write when the muse of spontaneity inspires me. As previously mentioned, I also write about my views on personal topics of interest. Several of these include: “Day Dreaming”, “Enough”, “Choices”, etc. I also enjoy featuring personal quotes on the blog, accompanied by intriguing photographs or imagery that accentuates the theme of what it is that I wish to inspire or convey to the reader.

Would you share a few things that you would like us to know about “Helena?” 

 My loving husband, Bob, and I live in a small town in southern Ontario along with Topaz, our little Sheltie fur child. I have two wonderful children – a son, Rheal, and a daughter, Chantelle, who lives on in my heart. I also have two amazing stepchildren, Lori and Brian, and altogether we have seven grandchildren.
I find my bliss in writing, embroidering, sewing, photography, scrapbooking, and, of course, now I can add blogging. My favourite sound would have to be early-morning bird songs. My favourite time of the day–I have two: sunrise, when all is still and the world is just awakening, and dusk, the magic hour–that in-between time when calm stillness is ever-present and my intuition is at its peak.

"Faith…Recognition by Intuition, the Nameless that tells us there is so much more." ~ Helena White

With this blog, my intentions are to step outside of my comfort zone of living to please others, in the hopes of finding like-minded friends and writers who seek to share ideas, ponder choices, and explore inspirations. I appreciate all comments on my blog (positive or negative) as a means of encouraging an ever-evolving dialogue.
In the past, I would allow myself to become paralyzed by what others thought of me. I would literally shut down and suppress the life of my choosing, therefore, living the life that people expected of me. I realize now, making choices that others did not like or understand, will not result in my destruction nor will my world crumble and fall. Free will and free choice are gifts we have been given that allow soul growth, so that we do not remain stuck in the quagmires of the past.
As I revealed in my poem, “Old Friend”, I would spread a blanket under the favourite tree of my childhood and write with total abandonment. I experienced the contentment of expressing my true, uninhibited feelings with no concern of being corrected or judged. This total freedom of choice always centered and calmed me, allowing me to process my emotions as well as my own truth.
Every day spirit speaks…inspiration arrives presenting us with even more choices. Our bliss echoes through our choices as well as our feelings. We must remember the value in dreaming our own dreams, as we follow our heart’s true calling.
It is not up to us to control others’ thoughts or assumptions, as we try to understand them. They, too, have the freedom to make their own judgments and choices. We can choose how we react to others’ choices and interpretations through our attitudes and questions. May we grow in love, in forgiveness, and in wisdom, as we ask for the strength to make the right choices…ones that benefit the whole, while bringing the healing we seek.

I would love to include one of your poems in this interview. Do you have a favourite?

Human spirits are uniting across our world
through a conscious connection, seeking illumination.
Much the same way a pendulum swings freely,
we move from the Eternal Horizon,
out across the ocean of life, only to return to where our soul
once began this remarkable journey.
Within this infinite Universe we are all striving for
the same things. To live, love and be accepted
for ourselves and our individuality,
to be recognized and respected, all while slowly awakening.
When we are sincere in our convictions to live
at higher consciousness; we will find an Angel
within our reach to lift us beyond our human
limitations to bridge the Celestial Sphere.

The Gift
Don’t offer gifts of silver platters
Of diamonds, jewels galore
Grant me love and strength
to find within
My own authentic pearl

Thank you, Helena, for joining us for tea! I hope everyone enjoyed visiting with you and that many will take a few moments to discover you and your work. Victoria

Friday, May 20, 2011

Soul Mates

Fondest hearts touch
With love's impatient rush
Memories mirror another place
Where love echoes such sweet embrace
Another time in lusts surrender
Deeply woven souls together
Forever then, forever now
True loves promised eternal vow

"Romancing The Poem"

Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seasons II

Sweet scent of lilacs in springtime
Sighting baby Robins first flight
Summers warmth lingers past midnight

Lake-side cottage, sipping wine
The splendor of fall so tender
Snow flake lace covered winter pines

Seasons beguile fickle delight
Sweet scent of lilacs in springtime

~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ

I have reworked this Octain poem from my earlier post from May 16th.  I am a poetess who usually writes with abandon and although I enjoy trying new forms, I find that when I do it’s more from the head rather than from the heart. But in saying that, I am open to step outside of my comfort zone. 

For One Shot Wednesday

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Rain


When the soft blue sky
turns a dust charcoal grey
I frown
When the rain comes hard and fast
and I’ve got two blocks to go before I reach home
I frown
When the comes hard and fast
and baths the gardens, trees and lawns
I smile
When the thunder and lightening amplifies it’s great sounding
booms, when I’m all alone
I frown
When the flowers peak up through their freshly washed petals
I smile
When the rain stops and I watch the kids
playing outside in the puddles
I smile
When the rain stops and I have to jump and maneuver
around those puddles in order to reach my destination
I frown
When I see how the rain has bathed everything
to clean and fresh
I smile
When I see the dust charcoal grey sky
turn a soft soft blue
I smile
And when I see those glorious flowing colors
across the big empty sky

I do more than just smile


Written when I was eighteen,  
after an afternoon thunder storm 
while babysitting my nephews.

Over at Dodge Writes, JL has a wonderful idea 
to have a day when we write prose, 
about what is happening in our day or stories of old, 
or prompt imaginary stories. Today she is having us start off  
with our weather..Hope you all join in too...



Little girl beside the sea
Won’t you come and play with me
Filling pails one by one
We will have so much fun
Where’s your hat
that one with the tassel
You can wear it
when we make sandcastles


Having a little fun

Illustration by: Carmen L. Browne - 1917

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Poetry Forms

I try my best to try new forms
I count and rhyme and count and rhyme
Oh, alas it takes so much time

How to count oh, I'm so forlorn
Why do I try when I'm so shy
Each time I try I can't conform

I acquiesce as well decline
I try my best to try new forms

This is my second attempt at Octain, a new poem form, invented by
 by Luke Prater for One Stop Monday.


The essence of lilacs in spring
 Baby Robins first flight sightings
The warmness of the summer sun

by the lake when our day is done
The splendor of  fall so tender
Winters snow blanket surrender

Our seasons spontaneous flings
like the scent of lilacs in spring

The Octain is a new poem form, invented by
 by Luke Prater for One Stop Monday.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

♥ Serendipitous Find ♥

I love to frequent antique barns, you know the ones that are jam packed full like a treasure trove from long ago.   All those past treasures, usually evoke so many memories, sometimes with melancholy attached.    I’m not one of those collectors who have 100 clocks or 50 egg cups.  I  consider myself to be  an emotional collector, one who discovers a serendipitous connection, where the unexpected find creates happiness and a feeling of being in the right place at right time.I’ve  experienced moments of serendipity and I must tell you, it’s an amazing happening!  Last year while visiting our local antique/craft barn I experienced one such out of the ordinary encounter.  As my husband and I wondered through the museum-like barn, there on a shelf in front of me was a lovely vintage calendar.  I was drawn to it and noticed  the date–
April 1917.
The calendar was from a shop called Neill Shoe Store which use to be in the town where we now live.  The picture they used caught my eye.  At first glance I thought it was of  Mary, as in Mary had a little lamb, but with closer inspection it proved to be Little Bo Peep. 
Now for the serendipitous part…
Although, it was Little Bo Peep,  the art picture for me screamed Mary had a little lamb at first glance.  My mom’s name is Mary.  Her father had a pet name for her where he called her “Little Nell.”  The name of the store, Neill Shoe Store.  But what finally did it for me was my Mom’s date of birth.

Mary Helena {Nellie} Johnson was born on April 6th 1917

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Storm

The enduring stifled blackened sky took shape
As the day moved on unnoticed

Clouds began to foretell of the immanent deluge
A perilous threat now exposed

The wind let lose,
untethered with frightful gusts

Swooped by the frayed piling
The great conifers twisted

A thunderous warning on all sides of the
bleak and desolate watchtower

For One Shot Wednesday

Sunday, May 8, 2011

˙·٠•●♥ Hɑppɣ Møtɦɛяṡ Daɣ ♥●•٠·˙

ℒℴѵℯ ♥ ℒℴѵℯ ♥ ℒℴѵℯ ♥ ℒℴѵℯ ♥ ℒℴѵℯ 

˙·٠•●♥ On this Møtɦɛяṡ Daɣ ♥●•٠·˙
you rεflect upon thε Mothεr you wεrε blεssεd with , 
I am truly thankful for my Mom and today I εspεcially miss hεr.
If your Mom is still in your life takε a momεnt to εxprεss your lovε,
make her feel truly blessed, you will be glad you did
˙·٠•●♥ trust mε ♥●•٠·˙

ℒℴѵℯ ♥ ℒℴѵℯ ♥ ℒℴѵℯ ♥ ℒℴѵℯ ♥ ℒℴѵℯ

~ A Mothers Day  poem I wrote at age twelve ~

On this page of lily white
I'll try to put what I might
I can't seem to think of what to say
I just hope you get the message anyway
I'm speechless as you well have guessed
But I'll try to do my very best

You've helped me along through the years
You taught me that there's nothing to fear
You covered for me when I was wrong
And now I know where the pieces belong

There's still a lot to learn I know
So stay around and help me grow
To grow in mind and not in body
I know that as well as anybody

Remember this day as no other
Remember, because you are my Mother
Money, I have none today
So I wrote this poem
Happy Mothers Day

.........♥ ♥ ♥....\|/.... ♥ ♥ ♥

˙·٠•●♥ Hɑppɣ Møtɦɛяṡ Daɣ ♥●•٠·˙

find more mother’s day poems over at One Stop Poetry..

Friday, May 6, 2011

You're Invited

Ever since I was a little girl, 
I would want to change my bedroom, 
by moving the furniture around. 
I would change the furniture around 
in our living room and if allowed
I loved to choose paint colors when my Mom 
would re-paint a room in our home.
So it's no surprise for me to want to
beautify my blog by giving it a face lift...

Decorating should be fun and satisfying.
Most important, the result should reflect your
your personality and your life.

With the creative imagination of 
blog designer Karen Valentine,
I think this was accomplished.
I am in awe of Karen, for her
patience and her creativity in designing my blog,
Karen incorporated my every whim 
and the result I think is inspiring,
many thanks and warmest
appreciation, Karen.

 I invite you to take a virtual walk
through my new surroundings
and let me know what you think?
Maybe now I can get back to!

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