Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Storm

The enduring stifled blackened sky took shape
As the day moved on unnoticed

Clouds began to foretell of the immanent deluge
A perilous threat now exposed

The wind let lose,
untethered with frightful gusts

Swooped by the frayed piling
The great conifers twisted

A thunderous warning on all sides of the
bleak and desolate watchtower

For One Shot Wednesday


  1. An excellent description of a gathering could feel what was to come.Way to go Helena.

  2. sounds like you had quite the storm..we are supposed to get one tonight ourselves...

  3. Sounds like quite the storm...wishing you well!

  4. Wow what a perfect description of an oncoming storm !
    Well done !

  5. love the picture as well as the description!

    what an ominous and accurate depiction! a "bleak and desolate watchtower"

    great word choice!

  6. Powerful! Both in prose and photo... I can almost smell the storm coming with the thunderous warning. Very well done, Helena!

  7. Awww, you made it so visible to the eye. I hope it wasn't to bad. Thank you for your beautiful words on my post. I cherish them... Susie

  8. love a good spring storm....the awesome power of it...its been raining here all day!

  9. This is a wonderful descripition of it all. Hope it wasn't to bad.. Susie


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