Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Remembering Dyann

Tuesday Tales With Dodge Writes
Over at Dodge Writes,  JL  has offered up  Ghost Stories as the subject for us to write a prose… Although there is no ghost in my story, I think my story is worth sharing here.

At my sister Dyann’s grave I had the following 
words inscribed on her gravestone;

“May the winds of Heaven comfort your gentle Spirit”

Below is what I read at her funeral:

The following words came to me several months ago. I was compelled to write them down, yet at the time I did not know why they had found my pen, until today.   As I share them with you today, together perhaps we will find their meaning.

For Dyann

The time has come for you to leave
this place we call our own
You lived your life the best you could
And now your going home

The true home from which we came
Has called you to it’s arms
It welcomes you completely
And will keep you safe from harm

Most certainly we'll miss you
Our memories we’ll keep close
Your presence here was cherished
Your love has meant the most

So let us feel the joy and celebrate
For today you start anew
For on the other side
They’re awaiting to comfort you

I felt the love surround us
As you gently slipped away
Which tells me you’ll be close
Forever and the day

So today is not goodbye
Your journey is forever more
I offer my farewell
Until we rendezvous once more

Love, your sister Helena

I wrote this poem non stop early one quiet morning.  
I may never understand why these words transpired back on December 30th 1996, 
but I do know that when my sister passed those many months later
I immediately remembered the poem and how I knew the words 
were meaningful just for Dyann.

“You lived your life the best you could”

~My sister Dyann was mentally challenged~

“Your love has meant the most”

~Dyann loved her family with unconditional childlike innocence~

“I felt the love surround us as you gently slipped away”

~I sat close to her bedside holding her hand as I said goodbye~

My sister Dyann died from the result of a brain bleed on August 23, 1997 in her fifty fourth year.  Though as tragic as this was, Dyann helped numerous others through her remarkable gift of life through tissue and organ donation. My beautiful sister gave the gift of life to six people as well as the gift of sight. 

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  1. i really dont have any words...this was a beautiful thing to say...i am sorry, she sounds like a wonderful person...and those challenges i am sure made her all the more special...

  2. Thank you Brian, She was a beautiful spirit and I miss her everyday...

  3. bless both of you.
    how moving your words are.

  4. Helena,
    I do remember reading this, I thought I had left a comment then and I dont know what happened to it, boogie blogger must have gotten it !

    This gave me chills, good ones ! The story is such a heartfelt and endearing one, I loved every word !

    Thank you so much for sharing your life and stories with us all...


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