Saturday, May 14, 2011

♥ Serendipitous Find ♥

I love to frequent antique barns, you know the ones that are jam packed full like a treasure trove from long ago.   All those past treasures, usually evoke so many memories, sometimes with melancholy attached.    I’m not one of those collectors who have 100 clocks or 50 egg cups.  I  consider myself to be  an emotional collector, one who discovers a serendipitous connection, where the unexpected find creates happiness and a feeling of being in the right place at right time.I’ve  experienced moments of serendipity and I must tell you, it’s an amazing happening!  Last year while visiting our local antique/craft barn I experienced one such out of the ordinary encounter.  As my husband and I wondered through the museum-like barn, there on a shelf in front of me was a lovely vintage calendar.  I was drawn to it and noticed  the date–
April 1917.
The calendar was from a shop called Neill Shoe Store which use to be in the town where we now live.  The picture they used caught my eye.  At first glance I thought it was of  Mary, as in Mary had a little lamb, but with closer inspection it proved to be Little Bo Peep. 
Now for the serendipitous part…
Although, it was Little Bo Peep,  the art picture for me screamed Mary had a little lamb at first glance.  My mom’s name is Mary.  Her father had a pet name for her where he called her “Little Nell.”  The name of the store, Neill Shoe Store.  But what finally did it for me was my Mom’s date of birth.

Mary Helena {Nellie} Johnson was born on April 6th 1917


  1. What a charming story,well told.excellent Helena

  2. ha...some cool interconnectedness...and a rather nice find...

  3. parents used to love to hunt for treasures....

  4. Oh I got so excited just reading about this. A coincidence or what. That is such a beautiful calender, so glad you found it. I love old things also and get excited when I find them. Great post Helena.

  5. What a great story Helena !
    Things that are meant to be ! what a wonderful find !

  6. serendipity indeed...i think that is really cool how we are given reminders of those we love who have gone before us... :) and how you were so perceptive to receive!


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