Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I know For Sure

You won't find riches in valuable possessions

Enjoy the wealth of our earth

You wont find stillness listening to loud mind chatter
Be still and you will find clarity 

You wont find inner peace believing a 
persuasive charlatan
Your intuition is your own truth meter

     Fall in love with this life experience.
  Open your heart to all that is.
   Feel what is..enjoy the journey...
live in the moment.
    The answers lie within the 
essence of our being.
This I know for sure.

   *Inspired by Three Word Wednesday  
  ~ Loud, Persuasive, Riches

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wistful Voyage

Reflections dance across the bay
Sparkling through the ice glass sea
Over waves aloft the mizzen
Casting back brilliant prisms

Tranquil solace well past twilight
Until her lustre fades to moonlight
A bittersweet farewell to land
To cerulean skies and diamond sands

Dedicated to my Great, Great Grandfather Frank Johnson,
English Poet and Author of Lashed To The Mizzen

FRANK JOHNSON, English born poet
September 2. 1810 - February 17, 1892
The Village Of Merrow

Re-posted for dVerse  July 21 2011
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