Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is stat ue?

There once was a seagull named Yappy

Who flew above crowds fairly happy

He stood along with the rest

On the statue thought best

For all the others he believed

Were quite crappy


♥  © ஆεlεɳa  ~.^

this poem is my response to
the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. The prompt
was shot by photographer & poet James Rainsford. He is the featured artist
today on One Stop Poetry.


  1. fun...hope you are having an amazing sunday!

  2. Love this one, I bet you had fun with it also.

  3. Very funny. This really made me smile. Thanks for sharing, James.

  4. Thanks guys! There was only one way to go in my mind LOL! I couldn`t think of anything serious to say...Hehehe!It has been a quiet, cloudy Sunday here in Ontario.

    ♥ ஆ ~.^

  5. Brilliant! From title to finish. lol

  6. hard to write do it quite the rhyme.

  7. I love limericks !! Cute and well written Helena !!

  8. I love your "crappy" poem. What a wonderful piece.


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