Monday, October 29, 2012

A Goldilocks Day

“The perfect weather of Indian Summer lengthened and 
lingered, warm sunny days were followed by brisk nights 
with Halloween a presentiment in the air.”
― Wallace Stegner 

Where I live fall and winter often arrive far too quickly on the 
heels of summer.  I am always sad when the warm weather and 
sunshine of summer are gone for another year. However some 
years late in the fall, the weather would have a surprising change 
and the warmth of summer would return if only for a brief stay.

This short "Indian Summer" is how we describe the unexpected
respite from the arrival of winter. I am always totally exhilarated 
and grateful to be able to bask in an "Indian Summer" 
even if only for a short time…..

I love taking a walk on these gilded Autumn afternoons as 
they are always a perfect way to drink in the remnants of Summer. 
The warm vibrant golden sunshine garnishes the falling leaves 
and adorns the seasons many hues. I personally call the warm
summer days in autumn, "A Goldilocks kind of day" 
Not too cold, not to hot...just right.

"A Goldilocks Day"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Forever Loved ❤ Never Forgotten

 Disquieting tears
From the past
Rise from my soul
And pool in my eyes
Helena White 

 For Chantelle 

Today I am reminded how fleeting our time here on earth  truly is.  It has been twenty years since my daughter Chantelle passed away…I recall a conversation with Chantelle weeks before her accident where she thought that people just forget about you after we die. Her viewpoint came from the loss of a friend, who only weeks before died from injuries suffered in a car accident.  She was troubled by how seemingly everyone just continued on after the funeral.  Soon after Chantelle’s accident, I vowed that I would keep her memory alive.

I’m often asked how I continue to cope after the unthinkable happens.   It is impossible to convey how lost I felt at the time, however  the  way that I’ve been able to break free from the bottomless pit of grief is to trust the wisdom of my intuition – my ability to know something without rational evidence that proves it to be so.  Life after life. To be so sure of something, yet unable to articulate it in words.  I consider that to be my greatest spiritual gift. While searching for the need to find meaning in all that happened, I have learned to also respect the mystery of it all.

Throughout this journey I have taken many backward glances. The past is such a delicate thing. Most of the time memories are fragmented, like shards of broken glass. Then there are other times I recall moments with breathtaking clarity. These memory moments hold the beauty, the joy and the love we are all here to experience.  My life is certainly different from the one I thought I would be living.  Through it all I have come to realize we are here to love certain souls, unconditionally.  Some we give birth to, others we meet in a serendipitous way, others are family. It is these soulful connections that I consider sacred moments that will live within us my precious angel, Chantelle Lee Lace.

Lacy ♥ Always Loved  ♥ Never Forgotten

November 25, 1975    October 2,  1992

Amazing photo - credit unknown - Poem written by Helena White 
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