Monday, October 29, 2012

A Goldilocks Day

“The perfect weather of Indian Summer lengthened and 
lingered, warm sunny days were followed by brisk nights 
with Halloween a presentiment in the air.”
― Wallace Stegner 

Where I live fall and winter often arrive far too quickly on the 
heels of summer.  I am always sad when the warm weather and 
sunshine of summer are gone for another year. However some 
years late in the fall, the weather would have a surprising change 
and the warmth of summer would return if only for a brief stay.

This short "Indian Summer" is how we describe the unexpected
respite from the arrival of winter. I am always totally exhilarated 
and grateful to be able to bask in an "Indian Summer" 
even if only for a short time…..

I love taking a walk on these gilded Autumn afternoons as 
they are always a perfect way to drink in the remnants of Summer. 
The warm vibrant golden sunshine garnishes the falling leaves 
and adorns the seasons many hues. I personally call the warm
summer days in autumn, "A Goldilocks kind of day" 
Not too cold, not to hot...just right.

"A Goldilocks Day"

1 comment:

  1. we have been having an indian summer as well...this mega storm though is about to put the kibash on that though....maybe snow this evening....


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