Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Missing You

Forever Loved ❤ Never Forgotten

Soft winds that whisper love's essence
are close by
just reach for acceptence
and never ask the why's

For Chantelle

Disquieting tears
From the past
Rise from my soul
And pool in my eyes
Love Mom

Today I am reminded how fleeting our time here on earth truly is. It has been twenty one years since my daughter Chantelle passed away…I recall a conversation with Chantelle weeks before her accident where she thought that people just forget about you after we die. Her viewpoint came from the loss of a friend, who only weeks before died from injuries suffered in a car accident. She was troubled by how seemingly everyone just continued on after the funeral. Soon after Chantelle’s accident, I vowed that I would keep her memory alive.

I’m often asked how I continue to cope after the unthinkable happens. It is impossible to convey how lost I felt at the time, however the way that I’ve been able to break free from the bottomless pit of grief is to trust the wisdom of my intuition – my ability to know something without rational evidence that proves it to be so. Life after life. To be so sure of something, yet unable to articulate it in words. I consider that to be my greatest spiritual gift. While searching for the need to find meaning in all that happened, I have learned to also respect the mystery of it all.

Throughout this journey I have taken many backward glances. The past is such a delicate thing. Most of the time memories are fragmented, like shards of broken glass. Then there are other times I recall moments with breathtaking clarity. These memory moments hold the beauty, the joy and the love we are all here to experience. My life is certainly different from the one I thought I would be living. Through it all I have come to realize we are here to love certain souls, unconditionally. Some we give birth to, others we meet in a serendipitous way, others are family. It is these soulful connections that I consider sacred moments that will live within us my precious angel, Chantelle Lee Lace.

Lacy you will Always be Loved & Never Forgotten

In loving memory of my daughter Chantelle
November 25, 1975 ❤ October 2, 1992

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