Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fragile Eyes

Skipping, singing, laughing
down the tree-lined lane
There’s a little girl 
with a big bright smile

And she’s all alone

Bare feet splashing, 
River rock dashing
in the peaceful backwater creek

Her innocent gaze squinting
Her pink lips parching from 
the dazzling red-hot sun

Cornflower baby blues
Catch sight of rainbow hues
As her fragile eyes fall 
like an injured bird,

Without a word

Which tells a tale that is hers alone

Sideways glances,
Crooked smile stances
Quickly turns to a frown,

Without a sound 

There’s a little girl
that says nothing’s wrong

And she’s all alone

“Child Abuse can cast a shadow that will last a lifetime.”
-Herbart Ward

"Everyone has a story...
it just seems that some have more chapters than others"

"I'm a survivor"


  1. heavy write...sad...child abuse is something that should never happen...i deal with it far too often in counseling...

  2. I thought this is a very powerful piece done by using what is to highlight what is not said. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Your writing speaks volumnes, for what is left unsaid the mind weaves the story that is left unsaid. So powerful it brings tears and sadness to the heart,and tells what should never exist in the world. Thanks again Helena,your poetry is something special.

  4. Nicely written. So sad all the injured souls.

  5. Brilliantly constructed with a wonderful economy of language and a deeply felt empathy for the potential isolation and loneliness of childhood. Great job! James.

  6. Not until the end did I realize this poem was about child abuse, but what a powerful presentation this is!

    Thank you so much for posting this.

    Lady Nyo

  7. this makes me wanna vomit...sorry...but you captured the innocence and then the breaking so well...good write on an ugly topic helena

  8. My intention here is to shine light on the subject.
    I guess that can't happen without feeling the pain it exposes. My intention was to get a guttural response to bring attention to this on going issue of abuse. There are one in three girls and one in 4 boys who are victims of sexual abuse.
    It was cathartic for me to write this as it was when I finally confronted my abuser.

  9. At the beginning I thought I was going to have a sweet little interlude with a beautiful child and then you stunned me. That shock is what made this poem stand out. Such tragedy.

  10. A powerful poem Helena. You reached into your heart and poured it out for the world. Thank you, Susie

  11. Wow you constructed this great from start to finish and yes child abuse should never be done, ever, but alas that isn't the case.

  12. You tell stories so well Helena, with words that cut to the bone, this one brought memories and sorrow that this kind of abuse still happens minute by unrelenting minute in our world today.

    Perfectly exicuted !

  13. That was a very moving one, Helena..
    I think, robbing an innocent child of her/his innocence and childhood is the biggest sin EVER!

    Beautifully written, my dear.. sad, but simply lovely!

  14. I love the transition of sideways glances and crooked smile stances...sad transition but brilliantly written...

  15. This one inspired me Helena to approach the subject hence I wrote "The Damnation of Eternity," previously but never put it on my blog until now...thank you for the inspiration and the courage.

  16. I like the smiling child. You can never tell by looking at a person if somethings wrong when all you see is smiles.

  17. Wow....very deep and thought provoking...Beautiful work!

  18. This speaks volumes.First with the beautiful,lively imagery,I expected this to be a light,breezy piece of heart warming poetry but it gradually turned towards a heavier sadder theme which was a very clever technique.Beautifully written and so heartfelt :)

  19. It definitely went down a lane which had ingredients of both the emotions. Glimpses of bright sun with shadows creeping from behind. excellent writing. Your template is KIKASS hehe. loved it. Very neat and umm..kind of happy happy.

  20. dreamy imagery, what a magical ride.

    Thanks for sharing with poets rally.
    have fun!

  21. This is beautifully written but it really rips at the heart. Incredible

  22. Beautiful colors but yet so sad. Hope will help mend her wings.

  23. Hello Helena
    Child abuse is a hard subject to write about but you did it quite beautifully!

    Thanks for your visit and kind words!

  24. Lovely prose
    I knew a little girl who lived there

  25. I admire your guts and openness. It's hard to learn there are people out there still turning a blind eye to this kind of depravity.

    We only get one childhood and to think there are sick bastards out there marring children for life with this form of abuse.

  26. Seems u and i touched on a similar subject this week, yours of physical mine of mental. Beautiful write, well done, well rhymed, great flow and only built up its strength for a kick at the end. Bravo.

    no feeling is without cause,



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