Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Star Sprite Seductress

She paints the sky with stars
On this picture perfect night
A portal leads to paradise
A passion promised flight

Tiny pearl-like prisms
Ablaze with vivid hue
An effervescent starry night
Appeared as if on cue

Larger than life Spirit Moon
Shades the turquoise evening dew
Her perfumed Jasmine blooms
Release pure scented liquid plumes

Fey Smokey eyes seduce
A forbidden secret tryst
Concealed beneath a parasol
Amid the milky mist

¸٭´´¯`★ Hคþþყ ུ ུ βɨ rȶђdძყ! ★
`✻٭☆´Oηε Stop¸.✻´¯`•☆
٭´´¯`✻٭✻. `•.¸¸.✻´`٭✻.☆´

One Shot Wednesday Celebrates One Year

Thanks for making

me feel welcome each week: 

Adam, Brian, Chris, Claudia, Gay, Leslie, Pete


  1. I love it Helena.A beautiful fairy indeed. You captured it so beautifully..Susie

  2. you paint a beautiful picture...in a fanciful moment...thank you for being a part of one stop!

  3. Captured so well and your words bring about the image of her with each passing line.

  4. Scented, soothing words, a fairy tale indeed. Lovely!

  5. such a sparkling, fairy-tale like and dreamy mood you create yet with a deep and warm core...and i echo bri - thanks for being a part of one stop

  6. Lovely, thanks for the post..I enjoyed reading it.
    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine, USA

  7. Makes me want to go find some wings and fly away with the fairy to a land of beauty unknown. Lovely poem.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This is such a *gorgeous* poem, Helena, and the 'decor' of both of your blogs are blowing me away with their BEAUTY! You have created such a beautiful place for all to visit here on the web! Thanks for sharing, Fiona :)


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