Monday, June 6, 2011


The news harrowed my very soul 
It cut deep exposing unforeseen anguish
My heavy heart weeps for thy
Grieved to lose such a special friend
The sting of death breaks us open
Exposing our hearts to bleed
Bereft of the fullness of time
My thoughts are seized by the hereafter
My imaginings are held captive, unable to flee
I will not say goodbye my friend
Instead, I will bid you an emotional farewell

My heart is heavy this evening…My 2nd cousin Jacqueline Sleeper Russell passed away on May 30th, 2011.  I will be forever grateful to Jacki for sharing all of her wonderful research on our Family Tree.
If it weren’t for meeting Jacki, I would never of known about my Great, Great Grandfather being an author and poet. I am so thankful for Jacki coming into my life…She will be missed. 
Dearest Jacki

Thankyou...How can such a small word ever say what I want it to mean. I will be forever grateful to you and I will always treasure our friendship.There really aren’t any words to convey how much I appreciate your coming into my life.  I believe it was meant to be….
"Roots made us cousins...Hearts made us friends"

Posted For One Stop Poetry Form Monday -with guest host Joy Jones – FREE VERSE


  1. ((helena)) i am sorry for your loss and may you one day meet them again in the place beyond...

  2. Grief seems to be the thing we most want to express. The emotion that wells within us seeks some elevated language, some tribute to a life lived, some publication of the love shared. You manged this beautifully in your free verse that you shared with us today. Thank you and thanks for linking. Joy and I may be slow getting to everyone but we're trying. Gay

  3. very well said,grief takes on many forms,but un the end our memories take off the ragged edge off of our grief. I am trutly sorry for the loss of your cousin and friend.


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