Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Allure


Late night rendezvous
triggered anxious thoughts of you

Crossing the proverbial line
initiates another glass of wine

Flirting romantic advances
spark sexy teasing dances

Intoxicated plumes
In a smoke filled room

The greasy spoon smell
Broke the hypnotic spell

I roused and looked around
Overwhelmed by the jukebox sound

Head held in shaking hands
Another coffee lands

Eyes cower trying to flee
Desperately scribbling poetry

This tempting respite sigh begets
A napkin housing unspoken secrets

Posted for Sunday Photography Interview: Scott Wyden & Poetry Challenge


  1. oo love it...def some story in that one...i write on napkins too so you got me there as well...confession is good for your soul...smiles.

  2. What a wonderful poem! I use to write on napkins when I cocktailed years ago. I wonder whatever happened to those writitngs.
    Helena I love your worte thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. I can so relate to this. There is a lot of fodder for poetry in places like that.

  4. I too another napkin scribbler ~ when I can't lay hands to my notepad ~ left in another coat pocket ~ even resorted to toilet paper .. Ahh and the Diner ~ the jukebox ~ the food smells and full of characters ~ how you created this whole atmosphere, was wonderful Helena ~ not many Diners here but those I've been in ~ I've loved it ~ Mmmmm could just go a plate of fries :) ~ and a peep across our table shared on both our napkins to compare ~ feel like I've dined with a lovely friend of like mind ~ wonderful experience ~ Excellent Helena

  5. Ummm , I've been the waitress in that greasey spoon, and the desprate poet too... your talent just oozes... love it all !

  6. Nostalgic, evocative and speaks to me of similar moments sipping wine to every line. Perfect!

  7. love the greasy spoon smell line...made me smile..this sure can break all hypnotic spell..hehe

  8. reminds me of a greasy spoon that I frequent often when I wasin college,only I never wrote poetry,but read and on occasion scribbled math to prove a point in an discussion that I was having with another geek,so to speak. Well written once again Helena.

  9. I love the "Americana" kind of places in life...such inspiration for remind me of me...with a napkin...


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