Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seasons II

Sweet scent of lilacs in springtime
Sighting baby Robins first flight
Summers warmth lingers past midnight

Lake-side cottage, sipping wine
The splendor of fall so tender
Snow flake lace covered winter pines

Seasons beguile fickle delight
Sweet scent of lilacs in springtime

~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ

I have reworked this Octain poem from my earlier post from May 16th.  I am a poetess who usually writes with abandon and although I enjoy trying new forms, I find that when I do it’s more from the head rather than from the heart. But in saying that, I am open to step outside of my comfort zone. 

For One Shot Wednesday


  1. Like the adaptation to the new form
    As you present the spring norm
    Although with all this rain
    I might pop a vein
    And the robins my never arise
    Wanting to stay where dryness lies

  2. Nice! The lilacs are out here - the scent is everywhere, intoxicating

  3. helena - kudos - really well done! love your re-write!!!

  4. Helena this is beautiful !!
    you add so much meaning to your writes !
    Just lovely !!

  5. 'Season beguile fickle delight' I love that line. Nice Octain.

  6. What a lovely soul you have to be able to the beauty of spring and the sent that lingers in the air and in the memories of times so long ago.

  7. I do agree with you Helena...the head versus the heart...I wish I could take the time to try to express in other forms, more structured, but I find it restricts my thought...someday maybe I'll risk and try...beautiful writing...there's something magic about the seasons :)

  8. Beautiful, I would love to be there!


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