Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Rain


When the soft blue sky
turns a dust charcoal grey
I frown
When the rain comes hard and fast
and I’ve got two blocks to go before I reach home
I frown
When the comes hard and fast
and baths the gardens, trees and lawns
I smile
When the thunder and lightening amplifies it’s great sounding
booms, when I’m all alone
I frown
When the flowers peak up through their freshly washed petals
I smile
When the rain stops and I watch the kids
playing outside in the puddles
I smile
When the rain stops and I have to jump and maneuver
around those puddles in order to reach my destination
I frown
When I see how the rain has bathed everything
to clean and fresh
I smile
When I see the dust charcoal grey sky
turn a soft soft blue
I smile
And when I see those glorious flowing colors
across the big empty sky

I do more than just smile


Written when I was eighteen,  
after an afternoon thunder storm 
while babysitting my nephews.

Over at Dodge Writes, JL has a wonderful idea 
to have a day when we write prose, 
about what is happening in our day or stories of old, 
or prompt imaginary stories. Today she is having us start off  
with our weather..Hope you all join in too...


  1. nice...rain evokes different emotions all in how we look at it...i like playing in the puddles too...perhaps seeing the good and the bad we can appreciate a bit of both...

  2. I love this Helena... I wish I still had some of the stuff I wrote as a younger me, but they were all destroyed in a fire.
    I remeber feeling this way about rain too. Now all I see is beauty in the grey...

    Thank you for joining us !
    LOVE YOU !


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