Friday, May 6, 2011

You're Invited

Ever since I was a little girl, 
I would want to change my bedroom, 
by moving the furniture around. 
I would change the furniture around 
in our living room and if allowed
I loved to choose paint colors when my Mom 
would re-paint a room in our home.
So it's no surprise for me to want to
beautify my blog by giving it a face lift...

Decorating should be fun and satisfying.
Most important, the result should reflect your
your personality and your life.

With the creative imagination of 
blog designer Karen Valentine,
I think this was accomplished.
I am in awe of Karen, for her
patience and her creativity in designing my blog,
Karen incorporated my every whim 
and the result I think is inspiring,
many thanks and warmest
appreciation, Karen.

 I invite you to take a virtual walk
through my new surroundings
and let me know what you think?
Maybe now I can get back to!


  1. Helena I have just visited again. This page is absolutely beautiful. We all can use a little lift at times, maybe a change in hairstyle or a different color of lipstick, just a little something to make us feel good. Well I put some spring highlights in my hair && I roamed the memory box for a while. I feel great! Thank you for your friendship && your lovely posts. Keep it comin' girl !x Luv, Joy ",)

  2. wow. your new digs look all the little textures and a great header as well...very nice.

  3. Ah, wonder upon wonders...that is what your new blog conveys to me. Spectacular design, layout, pictures, calligraphy, and creativity. It goes well with all the brilliant writings that you share with us, dear Helena, and we are all blessed to be a part of it. It is indeed an honor to have you as a friend.

  4. Quite Lovely...Captures you well! Exquisite.

  5. This is beautiful and captivating and it does suit you Helena. I am also honored to have you as a friend. Susie

  6. Maybe some day I will be able to do the same with my blog,and know when that day comes if I need help,you will be there to give it.Your blog web site is as beautiful as you are and as varied as the beauty in your poems.


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