Friday, April 29, 2011


I thought I would re-post my first two writes in hopes 
of introducing myself to this writing group….


With this blog, my intentions are to step outside of my comfort zone of living to please others, in the hopes of finding like-minded friends and writers who seek to share ideas, ponder choices, and explore inspirations. I appreciate all comments on my blog (positive or negative) as a means of encouraging an ever-evolving dialogue.

In the past, I would allow myself to become paralyzed by what others thought of me. I would literally shut down and suppress the life of my choosing, therefore, living the life that people expected of me. I realize now, making choices that others did not like or understand, will not result in my destruction nor will my world crumble and fall. Free will and free choice are gifts we have been given that allow soul growth, so that we do not remain stuck in the quagmires of the past.

As I revealed in my previous poem, "Old Friend", (see below) I would spread a blanket under the favourite tree of my childhood and write with total abandonment. I experienced the contentment of expressing my true, uninhibited feelings with no concern of being corrected or judged. This total freedom of choice always centered and calmed me, allowing me to process my emotions as well as my own truth.

Every day spirit speaks...inspiration arrives presenting us with even more choices. Our bliss echoes through our choices as well as our feelings. We must remember the value in dreaming our own dreams, as we follow our heart's true calling.

It is not up to us to control others' thoughts or assumptions, as we try to understand them. They too, have the freedom to make their own judgments and choices. We can choose how we react to others' choices and interpretations through our attitudes and questions. May we grow in love, in forgiveness, and in wisdom, as we ask for the strength to make the right choices...ones that benefit the whole while bringing the healing we seek.

Old Friend

With my back up against the trunk of an old tree,
I would write.
In the summer, I’d seek out the large shade tree in our back yard.
With a cozy blanket to soften the ground beneath me,
I allowed its spendor to embrace me.
While under its protective canopy,
I would always feel safe.
Having always loved words,
putting pen to paper was and still is my bliss.

Gazing up through the majestic maple,
I found escape easy and with little effort
I would write down my most
private thoughts and imaginings.

In quiet solitude,
I gave attention to my life, to my memories,
to the subtle details as they were presented.
I would find my authentic self when enveloped by nature
and especially when all was in quiet stillness.

Thoughts of the tree evoke many tangible memories.
Rich deep colours fall in slow motion,
offering their beauty as a gift unique for me alone.
By late afternoon the sun enveloped the space,
basking a warm golden glow.
It was then that inspiration would strike,
again guiding my pen to discover paper.

One Shot Wednesday

Over at Friday Poetically today,

we are having a bit of a Friday social, meeting new people, making new friends.


  1. I must admit Brian, you hit a cord when you spoke of comments or lack there of.
    I’m new to this blogging world and I find it confusing to know how and where to respond to comments…I love comments, who wouldn’t…but I notice at least for me. I do not return to that blog the same day after I have commented, so how would I know if you responded other than through my email…? It’s confusing! So when someone leaves a comment on mine and I respond in kind , they won’t see it unless they return to my blog! I try to go directly to their blog to respond. I wish it were more like face book lol!
    I’ve made my email address available for others to read. So feel free to contact me anytime.

  2. I love this so much, that's the way I feel. I love a place of quietness. That old tree reminds me of the one I used to go and sit against its trunk. A big Maple tree. I know what you mean about the comments. I've been trying to thank everyone on mine but wonder if they'll ever find it again, so I am trying to get in the habit of going back to their blog...Susie

  3. smiles. thanks for the little not in the comments there...i always return comment with commenton their blog...every once in a while i will do it on mine but that is harder for me to keep up with and i would like to appreciate what the other person wrote more than harp on my own...just my way of doing things...and def dont expect that of all...

    love the poem about the special place where poetry came alive for you...and where you could write with abandon..poetry came very late for me but most times it is the coffee shop or my porch overlooking the grapevine where i find my freedom...

  4. We should always go back to where we commented eapecially if Do know the person who blogs likes resonding. YEas, FB is better in that regard, I mean interacting is faster.
    I must say you have a beautiful blog, full of beautiful words speaking deep from the soul, deeper than others (say... mine?) I have to admit :-)

  5. I really like and can relate to this poem.I total get the creative solitude of it and how it energizes one to continue to do so with nature.

  6. Thank you Helena for the nice comments on my post. The storms of life are so uncertain...Susie

  7. You make me want to write. Inspiring.

  8. Love this poem as much today as when I first read it ! Personally my inspiration comes when I am in the garden, watering or just admiring the beauty that surrounds me there. Your blog is ALWAYS a peaceful loving place for me !
    I really enjoy reading your writes Helena !

  9. what a wonderful idea, republishing some older posts, I think I will do so for my 2nd and 3rd posts. which describe my intentions for my blog.Thanks for the idea. Also love the OLd Friend post.I know a tree that does the same think for me.Haven't thought about it for years.


♥ Taking time to comment is a pleasing way to slow the pace of life a bit and show heartfelt thoughts. Reading your comments bridges a caring bond between us and encourages unexpected friendships. I invite you to follow along. After all a friend may be waiting behind a strangers face. ღ ஆεlεɳa

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