Monday, April 18, 2011

Daring Darkness

When you dare to go this deep into the darkness, then, with time, you are able to go into the higher realms of understanding the light....for one does not exist without the other.

I am certainly not in this dark place now, 
but through my grief I have been there.

The famous psychologist, Carl Jung, wrote: 
When the darkness grows denser, 
I would penetrate to its very core ground,
& would not rest till amidst the pain a light appeared...

Daring Darkness

You are a ruthless adversary, you are cunning, intelligent, astute, devious, patient and unsuspecting, a faceless enemy who waits in the shadows for any opportunity to pounce.

My warrior self tries to fight, yet soon realizes how fruitless the strife, surrendering to the pit of dark despair. Before long I realize, I am your captive.

With moroseness upon me, I am fully aware that I am imprisoned, all the while desperately believing that I need to justify my every decision. I hear sincere logic, yet it seems to pass me by. No amount of reasoning or encouragement will avail and….

I soon turn within…

I soon crave solitude…

The bars that detain, echo an amusing irony, for they represent a welcome respite…for I unknowingly have created a tomb-like cavern, meant to keep out the very ones who could help. I prefer being hollow, void of thoughts.

I continue to protect and defend the faceless destroyer, trusting no one else, accepting the mocking disdain. I concede, by pulling the dark veil overhead to seal my fate. I succumb to the scornful taunts of the faceless, shutting out everything and everyone else.

I bolt the bars to the cavern, only to sit and gaze toward the light
- watching and weeping angry tears.

I cry helplessness…

I sob loneliness…


I dissolve into an invisible dream,

Where sleep never comes and silence deafens joy

I offer a big to thank James Rainsford for us allowing the use 
of  his wonderful photograph. to see more of 
his stunning photography, prose and poetry please visit his sites
  The Sanctum of  Sanity  and  James Rainsford

This is my contribution for  One Stop Poetry  


  1. This poetic narrative of an inner state and journey is beautifully crafted! The last three words offer a wonderful crescendo! Even in darkness, there can be a kind of strange beauty!

  2. you capture it well...i have come to appreciate the beauty in both the dark and the light as you are right they are connected....

  3. Despise those moments when you feel locked inside your own head and the iron bar photo of James' really gives you that feeling of entrapment. Great use of words here Lena

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head with your beautifully written poem. It's interesting that I saw the same thing as you in the picture prompt ~ Thanks for sharing.. : )

  5. Thanks everyone....
    "We truly only realize how wonderful something is,
    by living through it's opposite." ♥ ஆ

  6. Awe Helena, You are always such gifted writer, even in the darkest writes you seem to bring the light !

    We have an award for you @ Dodge Writes...

  7. I love the way you handled the poem in correlation to depression. Well done. I chose this photo prompt as well and though I didn't see that element of depression it's as if the picture speaks of it.

    Thanks for sharing today

  8. This is an amazing piece. I think that you have looked into and described depression well. It is such a damaging illness and one that needs more understanding.

  9. I love the way you brought this to light. You are a very, gifted poet.. Susie


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