Sunday, April 10, 2011


Up above the stale air
Defying gravity
Staring with childlike curiosity
Watchful of the scene below
Nonchalant detachment

A thought!
“Why all the fuss”

Feather soft sky
Above and beyond
Floating aloft
The commotion below
Euphoric perfection…


…With a heavy heart, she returns…

♥ )


  1. Ohh ~ had me there Helena ~ magic went pop !
    know the feeling ~ but great to recall ~ that was fun! :) nice one Helena ~ Lib ~ @libithina

  2. What a great atmosphere you create until the euphoric bubble pops! Enjoyed your challenge response, Helena.

  3. the landing, its a doozy...its nice to get that overhead perspective though...

  4. I like this but a little sad at the ending :( It's the truth though we think that we are soaring and then all of a sudden pop!

  5. Superb, tale- and sensory-effective work.

  6. Euphoric perfection then pop! Love it!

  7. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate you all taking the time to visit and offering support through your comments...~.^

    The Euphoria she felt was from a nde
    {near death experience}

  8. I adore this, no, I ADORE this. You captured the essence of a near-death experience so well, as the Spirit hovers above the body in detached ecstasy. Then as the Spirit returns to the IS so much like a POP or jerk (been there). I see many interpreted the reentry as a disappointment, but the beauty of it is that the person is still alive...yet remembers that death can be euphoric perfection and not something to be feared. AWESOME WRITE...AWESOME PICTURE...AWESOME YOU!


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