Monday, April 18, 2011

15 words or less about STRESS


While stressed
I used every ounce of strength 
to keep up the facade of

Over at Dodgewrites, JL says that love and hate are easy... lets try STRESS


  1. Yep Helena, I think we all do that... Well done, thank you so much for joining in !!
    YOU ROCK !!!

  2. Great job capturing the challenge. Stress is so overwhelming it stresses me out :)

  3. I love it when people get to say so much in so few words... and this is So true, Helena.
    Thanks for this beautiful blog


  4. You're the queen of meaning with few words...truly

  5. Had my own idea of what facade meant, but looked it up anyway. facade - a superficial appearance or illusion of something
    This makes your statement "facade of purpose" even more powerful, when connecting it with stress. Stress now has a new definition for me...I'll remember these 15 words of that when I get stressed, I'll remember to breathe and smile at the illusion. Thanks, Helena!


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