Sunday, March 13, 2011

Morning Reflections

No one sees the private tears
The constant ache inside
The everlasting prayers
To have you by my side

No one knows the pain through
Loving thoughts of you
No one feels my emptiness
Life’s helpless void now true

Knowing that I loved you
Knowing that I cared
Knowing this is not enough
To see you through despair

So my prayers  each day are simple
They are lasting, they are true
I wish to see your smile
Perhaps a glimpse of you

Each morning grief envelops me
It seems there’s no escape
Only dreams and fantasies
Are hopeful turns of fate

Shared memories are endless
So too deep-seated pain
Memories are constant
And are all that still remain

♥  © ஆεlεɳa  ~.^

This poem is my response to the 
 One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge
The prompt was shot by photographer Fee Easton, 
featured today on One Stop Poetry


  1. Powerful stuff, Helena. Well written.

  2. Powerful indeed; not only can I relate, but I was able to feel each phrase as if it were my own. Well done!

  3. mmm...nice, the longing to catch just a glimpse...this i know...wonderfully rendered...

  4. Love the photo you chose Helena, this is a very moving work !

  5. Amazing job elena, no one sees the tears we cry on our own xx

  6. Knowing that I loved you
    Knowing that I cared
    Knowing this is not enough
    To see you through despair ...

    That stanza gets to me. Such a painful recognition reminding anyone who has been through something similar that we cannot fix everything or certain situation. Great challenge response, Helena.

  7. It is often said that there is no greater sadness than that of losing one's child...especially if they go suddenly. You have given us great insight into those feelings through this poem, and I am touched to the core. Few poems move me to tears, yet this one does. Thank you, dear Helena, for having the courage to share your private tears through this moving tribute. Love to you...Allenda


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