Monday, March 7, 2011

Ƭhєrє Oncє Was Magic Hєrє

                                                ©  ஆεlεɳa 


  1. There is certainly a magic in this triolet you've penned. Lovely musings! Notes on form: your iambs are crisp and precise, the rythm doesn't get lost and reminds me of a midsummer nights dream. Very well structured refrains Helena. Extremely good job all round!

  2. SO NICE Helena,
    your words and rythm are spot on !
    Love the Blog girl, everything here is as beautiful as you, dear friend !

  3. Poetry is like music, in fact music starts w/lyrics && then we just add the rhythm. It all tells a story && you can relate to every poem && song in some form or another. I will visit you often. I love your page && you are an awesome writer ! Luv the beauty of it all! Thank you truly for sharing x Joy

  4. Nice post. I'm glad I stopped by because you led me to another new site for me that stretched my writing ability.

  5. Lovely magical piece you can sense the magic in your writing...thank you....bkm

  6. Love this! Excellent, perfect, esp. with that refrain finish line. Wish I'd written this (said in a non-jealous, friendly way.)

  7. Beautiful Helena!
    Hope you are feeling better.
    I pinched your cat app to add to my blog, Hope you don't mind.

  8. oh there is still magic here...smiles.


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