Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Where Bloggers Create Party Time

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Thank you for visiting Memory Box Creations where I love to share bits of my heart and life, and some of my other delights like my love of writing poetry, photography, decorating, recipes, 
and where I sometimes fashion lovely creations and share all things beautiful.
Լ♥ϋє ♥ Hεlεɳa ωнιтє

Always remember a ƑƦƖЄƝƊ may be waiting behind a strangers face.
Wow! Time certainly does fly.  Has it really been a year already?  I have been looking forward to the
  Where Bloggers Create Party get-together and I  am especially looking forward to visiting everyone's creative spaces.  I have been busy training a new Sheltie pup and I also hurt my back (nothing serious) so I have not been creating much of anything lately, but I look forward to getting inspired by all the wonderful creative ladies.  A big Thank you to Karen Valentine from over at My Desert Cottage  for hosting yet another awesome, fun party.
  I have to share our new little fur baby's picture.
On Valentines Day we adopted a new addition to our family
Say Hello to Lacy our little Shetland Sheepdog, LACY
My Sewing and Craft  Room

My space is an out-in-the-open airy area in our basement.  We carved out an 8’ X 16’corner in our basement just for me to play to my hearts content.  I wanted a half wall and full open wall, so as not to feel claustrophobic. Each of my craft spaces are inspired by childhood memories or what I call  “Heart Treasures.” Those wonderful memories that stay with us all the way into adulthood.  I enjoy being surrounded with the things I love , things that evoke all good memories, which include keepsakes passed down from my mother and grandmothers, to vintage finds, as well as my own childhood toys and trinkets that somehow 
endured the many years of play by my siblings and myself.
Pictured here is my childhood vintage iron,
 a sock darner, and my vintage doll ,
 a gift brought back from Hawaii by my uncle.
A Dresser makes for great storage, housing patterns, scrapbook papers, photos, fabric, lace…
My favourite ivory cabinet holds books and fabric.  
This was a great find at a discounted warehouse sale. 
One leg needed repairing, which my hubby did.
  Gotta Love Crystal!  The perfume bottle center stage 
was my paternal Grandmothers.
Two of my cute fully jointed lovingly handmade 
Teddy Bear creations.This very special bear with the red hat is one of a set of twins that I made for a bereaved parent, using a piece of clothing of their loved one to 
create a one of a kind keepsake.
I prefer to keep most of my items behind closed doors.  I have a large closet type room down the hall where all my stash is. Trust me you’re not missing anything. 

Bookcase to hold fabric and glass jars filled with buttons, 
lace, stamps and ribbons.
Ribbons and lace and buttons oh my!
 My Sewing Machine…Okay, I don’t really sew on a lace covered table, but it looks so pretty doesn’t it? lol!
My childhood doll. 
A gift from my Uncle while visiting Hawaii  
I found this used farmhouse style kitchen island at another local Shoppe. It is the perfect height for cutting fabric.  Also I re-purposed my kitchen Bar stools, which are perfect for sitting and scrapbooking. It has tons of storage. 
A recipe card holder is going to be re-purposed to hold pictures of my creations. 
 Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button? When I was a little girl, my Mom taught me how to sew on buttons, by having me practice sewing beautiful buttons onto the cardboard that was used to package silk nylons. I loved my button cards!
The ivory lace bear was one of the first bears I made out of my daughters graduation dress to safe guard her memory, which lead me to create other keepsake mementos for other bereaved parents who have lost a child.
One of my many embroidery samplers

My upstairs office studio
A place of my own
 This is my first desk which we had made from a 
Just Pine wood working shoppe
I love my black bookcase. Another great find 
from my favourite local shoppe.
A room of my own where I enjoy my morning tea. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour? I want to thank you all for taking the time to visit and I look forward to mingling with all the quests at the party in hopes of meeting some new friends. Be sure to share a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade with me on the porch before you leave. 
Say Goodnight Lacy
It has been a joy to be apart of  Where Bloggers Create Party Hosted by Karen Valentine Be sure to visit Karen’s beautiful blog, My Desert Cottage where the full list of all the party goers in the 5th annual Where Bloggers Create 2013 blog party and enjoy!


  1. Hi Helena, thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments. I've enjoyed your tour and it's so nice to meet you too!

    Becky @ Vintage 541

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful post! It is so lovely to see where you create! The bear you made in your daughters memory is so lovely! Blessings to you!

  3. Nice to see your childhood and family pieces being used and treasured in your studio!

  4. gorgeous room... love the organisation and arrangement of your beautiful collectables.. and lacy is just beautiful

  5. I enjoyed peeking into your studio – you have a lovely creative space. Cheers from Singapore.

  6. You have a beautiful blog!! Love the roses :-)
    Thank you for sharing your space.
    I thought the lace covered table with the sewing machine was the perfect touch!!

    Happy Crafting

  7. Such a pretty space, so many lovely things to look at! TFS!

  8. Beautiful spaces! I love love love the farmer's kitchen island! That is fantastic! Never thought about a dresser for storage... maybe in my next crafter life I can have such beautiful storage items! I see why you are so inspired by all of your lovely memories! Thanks for sharing your spaces! Take care and keep creating and writing.

  9. Goodnight, Lacy ~ you are adorable!!
    Helena ~ I love that you have included so much of your personal story in your "happy" place ~ very heart-warming!

  10. Wonderful space Helena, really enjoyed my visit.

  11. I love,love, love your blog. Its just gorgeous!
    Your Lacy is just to beautiful. And the doll your Uncle gave you is so pretty.A treasure for you. You have a lovely home.Thank you for sharing,
    Marie Antoinette

  12. Lovely to meet you Helena!
    Thank you for sharing your very appealing creative space - it feels so elegant.
    Love viewing your childhood "memories" - your doll, mushroom, that little iron as well as your crystal.
    I found the tour very heart warming and also have to say that I love your beautiful blog header with the pre-raphaelite image (some of my favorite!).
    You may just like to visit my blog and enter into my Giveaway.

  13. Oh Lacy is adorable! I always wanted a Sheltie... so very cute. I adore your room; my oh my the furniture is exquisite, love the touches of memories you have about that make it so very special. Helena, what a wonderful tour - thank you for sharing your creative space and your wonderful bear creations!

  14. Hi Helena!! Thank you so much for joining the party this year! I really enjoyed the tour! Sweet Lacy is just adorable and I know she will bring you many years of joy!!

  15. Hugs to you and adorable Lacy! Lady was also a beautiful dog! We have our first sheltie, Kara whom I love, but she loves daddy more! :) Our first dog was an American Eskimo, Pirta. Needless to say I LOVE dogs! Your space looks comfy and encouraging to create. Looking forward to seeing more of your blog!

  16. Thanks so much for popping by. I am still working my way through the list of wonderful blogs. Love your button collection of course, and that you still have that childhood iron, remarkable. Your space looks so tidy and ready for you to just sit and begin a project. And if you want a break you can always walk that cute little dog. Keep smiling and creating, thanks for sharing.

  17. I have enjoyed my visit so much. I just love all of you black tables, and cabnets, and shelves, and desks. Your very well put together.


  18. Beautiful place with all the keepsakes!
    And Lacy is adorable :)

  19. Hi Helena
    I love your two spaces. They are so beautiful and serene. My favorite is your writing room but I am so enamored of the personal momentos.I like to surround myself with special items that hold so many memories as well.
    I was late to the party this year so didn't get to share my space but will be waiting to do that next year. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Hello Helena,
    Thank you so much for the tour.
    I love your studio. It's so beautiful.
    Your blog is wonderful as well!
    and Lacy is so cute !!

    Wilma, Shabby Royale.

  21. Your blog is beautiful. I really enjoyed the tour and reading about your divine encounter. It touched a deep part of my soul, as I had very very similar encounter when my father passed.

    God Bless,
    Chantel Lee


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