Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Early morning bird songs change according to the season.
On these last days of summer, the crows take the stage.
They caw with such enthusiasm, announcing that
autumn is returning once again.
Today the air is close, filled with humidity
~ the aftermath of recent storms.
A subtle breeze stirs the stale, close air.
This quiet stillness of morning is interrupted by
Canadian geese flying overhead ~
Their honking is loud, overpowering the crows call.

Autumn, my favourite season with its vivid colours
that are so intoxicating, yet nevertheless bittersweet.
No other season causes me to look back, nor makes me
more nostalgic or fills me with such an intuitive sense of
longing for the past, than autumn.
Blazing fall colours awaken long-forgotten, heartfelt memories.
Emotional recollections are stirred up and rustle like leaves
that are gathered in neat little piles.

Even with all that fall brings to light, I still look forward to the days that are brighter than the balmiest days of summer, when the sun’s sultry glow charms the fringe of the world.
Sinking in a red glow, the warm inviting sun reflects the bright jewels of autumn. Therefore, I must learn to honour my soul the freedom to savour the views of gilded gold's, rustic reds and outrageous oranges that are scattered across our fall landscape. To once again allow myself the joy of autumn evenings,which bring on brisk air ~ turning leaves and a larger-than-life setting sun that is still radiant beneath the horizon.

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  1. Beautiful Helena you described it so grand. Fall is my favorite too. Susie

  2. Like the beautiful reflections of autumn...this season makes me nostalgic too. these lines are beautiful:

    Therefore, I must learn to honour my soul the freedom to savour the views of gilded gold's, rustic reds and outrageous oranges that are scattered across our fall landscape.

    I heard the crows over the weekend at our friend's house...cool air all around. Make me miss summer's warmth. Summer was just too short....

  3. nice...this is a beautiful reflection on autumn...this is my fav time of year as well...the colors, the crisp air...long walks...ahhh....

  4. you capture the beauty and bittersweet mood of autumn so well..i fell the same..intoxicating and at the same time such a time full of melancholy

  5. breathtaking description of a breathtaking season - I am so ready for the crisp air after this scorching summer :)

  6. It really Is so weird this season, a mixture of sadness and longing- nostalgia yet beauty in Nature as no other season.
    lovely read!

  7. 'blazing' colour of Autumn as 'memories' rustle like falling leaves ~ reflective ~ wonderful Helena ~ here in the UK we are still tryng to wring some days of Summer .. but alas only rain .. ty for reminding me of all of the colour of the fall 'freedom to savour .. gilded gold and rustic reds' beautiful lines ~ Hope all's well Helena ~ hugs Lib x

  8. beautiful picture of Lady Topaz x
    hope you got my mail Helena x x

  9. Hi, Rob Kistner here. This is a piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here: http://www.image-verse.com/clown

  10. I rolled in your words like I would in a big big pile of fall leaves.

    And was so happy the photo could be enlarged, I drank in every image.



    (You get an xo now that you are an official sidebar button recipient!!) :)

    Am I weird, or what!?! :)

  11. the crows do seem to strive for first place these early autumn days... nice reflections

  12. This fabulous poem has made me welcome Autumn even more now. And as for those rich colours....*smiles*

  13. Hi Helena, this is beautiful. Fantastic use of imagery, soft, delicate, tailored and very personal. I've literally just returned from walking in the hills in beautiful Wales and your words complete my day. Thank you very much for sharing. Best wishes. Paul :o)

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