Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thought Of The Day

¸.´¯`·.☆♥ Thought of the day¸.´¯`·.☆♥ When we eat junk food, our body is still searching for nutrients and you "of course" still feel hungry¸.´¯`·.☆♥ Your body will continue to search for more of the food that it "Needs".¸.´¯`·.☆♥  Please feed my hunger and restore my right mind ¸.´¯`·.☆♥


  1. yep and we will keep eating junk to try and fill that empty space...hope you are well....

  2. That is so true and the junk food does not fill us and the sugar will kill us.. Thanks for this reminder..

  3. Come in. There is room for one more.

  4. nice thinking.

    love your blog, your poetry talent is fabulous.


    make a contribution to poets rally today.
    bless you.


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