Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bless The Winter Solstice ~ Merry Christmas

☽☆☾ On the 21st day of Christmas 
I am grateful to Bless the Winter Solstice ☽☆☾ 
Take a deep breath in... 
Solstice Sun, Shine Bright ☽☆☾
At this magical beautiful
Sentimental Season
It is natural to look back
And remember all the good things
From Christmas Past
The human Heart’s so
Encouraged by Love
That the Christmas memories
Magnify in our Imaginations
and comfort our Human Spirit
During this gentle Season
May you find time to
Enjoy the beauty of
Each quiet moment
And Remember
To see the sacred
We must slow down
And find stillness
May Peace Love and Light surround you as
The Christmas Spirit Whispers to your Heart 
Merry ℂhristmas
~ Dversepoets open-link-night ~


  1. great thoughts on slowing down to enjoy the sacred....i hope that you have a wonderful christmas surrounded by love....

    and always great to see you at dverse....

  2. Wonderful thoughts here. May you have a great holiday with those you love. Enjoy it all !

  3. Merry Christmas and a Solstice wish your way as well.

  4. Thank you Helena for this wonderful post. We do need to slow down and enjoy the sacred.. Merry Christmas..Susie


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