Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 In her world she remains cocooning
Through her trembling thorn of despair
She surrenders spinning misty tears
While every star seemed a solitaire
I have used cocooning many times to see me through the dark times...Cocooning is self-nurturing. Cocooning is about staying home, creating a safe place around you, but also a need to be "safe" in our own little nest. Although it can sometimes be helpful to make yourself social, at other times it's better to "cocoon."
Cocooning is self-nurturing, like when we wrap ourselves in a blanket by the fire, drink something warm and watch a movie. It might be sitting outside under a tree reading or  enjoying a hot bath with soothing music in the background.
I found that well-meaning loved ones offer advice which they cannot defend when they sometimes encourage or even demand that you join them at a social function, believing that this will help you feel better. Don't ever be pressured into going if it's not right for you, since pushing yourself may backfire and make you feel even more depressed. always ask yourself, "Will I feel better if I could get dressed and go out?" If your answer is no because it feels too overwhelming or stressful, you should stay home and cocoon. Listen to your intuition, always and take care of you

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  1. def...the cocooning and creating that safe place will surely get you through some tough times...as with any good thing it has its dark side too and that is getting stuck there...nice verse to go with as well...smiles.

  2. yep...sometimes it's good to stay at home, wrapped in a blanket and find rest and get quiet to hear the own voice again to be able to join and enjoy the others and social life again..

  3. oh hey..and glad you strolled into the pub today...smiles

  4. Great to see you at D'verse ~ Thanks for explaining what it means ~ I can relate to the time to nurture and healing ~

  5. So good to see you here :)this post resonates with me..I get into the mood to stay home and I love not leaving. :)

  6. I like this - both the poem and the philosophy behind it. Your words are inspiring and your poetry flows naturally. Lovely

  7. I am far too restless to cocoon but through your words I can imagine the possibility.
    Mark Butkus


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