Friday, August 10, 2012

Signature Pieces

I write not here for beauty, I write not here for fame
I write to be remembered, so here I write my name.

The Autograph Book

Is there anything more precious than friendship? 

In the past friendship was highly regarded and typically autograph books or friendship albums were started by school girls as keepsakes.   In the Victorian era they were kept by young middle class woman. These books housed poetry, prose, pressed flowers as well as signature souvenirs  from close friends.   The tradition was passed down from generation to generation and has evolved, yet today they still captivate our imaginations. 

 "Yours till the ocean peeks to see the salad dressing" 
 These treasure filled albums held meaningful memories of   favourable friendships, places we lived, people who may of influenced us and a few who we don’t even remember now.  Signatures and verses added a magical touch of whimsy.  Friends, both old and new were encouraged to pen the perfect words to express their feelings.   Most would just sign their name, while others copied their favourite verse.   Friendship albums or autograph books are a rare find today.  Antique autograph books are found at estate sales.   Some of them fetching hundreds of dollars. 
"Like many, trust few...Always paddle your own canoe" 

While we modern men and woman may not pen our lives for future generations in a friendship album, many of us record and write about love, losses, travels and our life's journey through journal entries, photo stories in scrapbooks and of course creating a blog. With just a simple click of a mouse we can open the door to our very own virtual keepsake album. We can continue the tradition by leaving a signature piece of our own.
My Autograph Books 1962 - 1968

When I was about 8 years old, I received my first autograph book. I think it was one of my favourite gifts. However, I’m pretty sure people got tired of me asking, “Won’t you sign my autograph book, please .” I still have my two childhood autograph books. They are filled with verses and signatures from school classmates, friends, teachers and relatives . When I read through the entries from long ago, it evokes sweet long forgotten memories. So to answer the question. “Is there anything more precious than friendship?” I believe my answer would have to be, absolutely not.

It tickles me...It makes me laugh...To think you want my autograph"

I now feel I have a virtual autograph book in the form of my Blog. 
So why not try writing your own verse or call one up from memory.  
Come on…Would love for you to leave one on my comments...

So, for old times sake,
Will you sign my autograph book, please?



  1. To Helena with Love ..Sent from Heaven above..Blessings, Susie

  2. Thanks Susie, this was a fun post to do ♥

  3. What fun! I do remember autography books. I think I actually have some like yours above only in red, tucked away in some keepsake box. Loved this. You did evoke many memories and the desire to dug up old autography books. And what fun to start one NOW!

    1. Isn't it fun? lol! You must dig them out and read them. Now I'm on a quest to find a vintage one. Maybe I'll find a new one! Thanks for stopping by Beth, its nice to be blogging again. ❤

  4. Hi, Helena,
    I remember autogragh books and still have one fron my elementary school days!
    This is a very cool idea. I wish you,all the best with your writings and I wish we could actually have that tea together! Have a great time with the memories.
    Fairyland and Facebook friend...Debbie

    P.S. Remember when there were such things as pen pals? That I, really miss. I love to write letters. :)

    1. I do remember pen pals and I had one from Granada. I even remember her name...Tessa. Wow, I haven't thought of her in years. I would love to have tea with you also, Debbie. Thank you ...I really appreciate your taking the time to post a comment on my blog. ❤

  5. i so eco those first few lines...and it is why i boys will one day read it and understand you know....

    1. Thanks Brian, I do know...My wish is for my twin granddaughters to peruse my blog, long after I'm gone to perhaps get to know the woman, as well as their Grandma. ❤

  6. Dear Helena,

    This post reminded me of a quote I have loved since I was a teenager, and it reminds me so much of you.

    “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” - Robert Louis Stevenson

    I am so thankful to have met you and to be able to call you a friend!

    Mary Porch Duncan

    1. Mary, I am grateful to of met you and to also be able call you friend. I'm quite speechless, really...such a heartfelt gift in the from of a quote so full of love....Thank you Mary ❤

  7. dear helena x another beautiful post would sign your guest book hundred times over - really triggered loads - my different coloured pages which one shall i choose pink, blue, lemon or cream - for you dear Helena every stunning shade of the rainbow - love you - lib x x

    1. Oh, Lib, my green autograph book has all those delicious pastel colors. You have awakened more fun memories for me. Rainbow sounds perfect! Love you too Lib xox

  8. husband has an old autograph book passed down to him by his Aunt full of autographs but also her pencil sketches - it's so lovely x x Lib

    1. I came across this one today, lol!....

      When you get old
      And you can't see
      I'll hold the pot
      So you can pee... :)

  9. Many of us enjoyed autograph books growing up, but the first time I read this in my book that had circulated around the classroom, I cracked up laughing. It is an oldie, but a goodie, for sure: I was here and you were I am here and you are gone. The profound simplicity of the truth still makes me smile.

    1. Allenda, Good one! ~ smiles ~ I haven't heard that one before. This was such a fun post to do. Love you ❤

      You ask me to write
      Now what shall it be
      Two little words
      "Remember Me"

  10. Hi Helena, I just found you through a reposted post of yours. Your page is gorgeous and I look forward to looking at it when the day draws to an end. It is a delightful distraction from reality.


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