Monday, May 12, 2014

My Sister Barbara

 There's nothing more precious in this world
then the feeling of being wanted 
- Diana Dors
Today I grieve for the passing of my estranged sister, Barbara

Emotion filled my eyes.
Not tears.
I have none left, since you withdrew

All I saw was a stranger
All I see now is an estranged sister
Hurt, forgotten, confused and estranged
I missed big sister...I will always miss her

If I were to cry
I would cry for the things I can't change
I would cry for time you spent alone
I would cry for the ailments you incurred
I become saddened thinking of a life lost
For all the pain you must have known

I always loved her and wanted more than anything
for her to value and love me back.
Barbara, I cry for the person you once were...
Memories are etched and perhaps with time will hide our sorrow.

Many times I was filled with false hope.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I regret,
the relationship we could have had.

 For my sister Barbara ♥

The news harrowed my very soul

It cut deep exposing unforeseen anguish

My heavy heart weeps for thy

Grieved to lose you so suddenly

The sting of death breaks us open

Exposing our hearts to bleed

Bereft of the fullness of time

My thoughts are seized by the hereafter

My imaginings are held captive, unable to flee
I will not say goodbye

Instead, I will bid you an emotional farewell

♥ Love your sister Helena


  1. hugs. i am sorry for your loss
    and the lost opportunity as well of the relationship
    between is so hard...ugh

  2. Awe, so sorry for your loss sweet friend. Sending lots of hugs and comfort to your heart.


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