Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Splendor

Autumn Splendor reveals
Gentle melancholy mood
All felt through spirit 
As sunset gilded our Fall 
~ Helena White

In September as the air changes, we begin a
bittersweet farewell to summer.  The days
grow shorter and the leaves begin to fall.  The 
golden sun sets lower, creating a vibrant fairy-like
enchanted landscape.  

While under the blue moon, the shimmering
Fall orb illuminates the summer garden.
Soon all blooms will fade as cool nights arrive.  
The garden will soon slumber in the arms
of Autumns haunting blaze.

Our local Farmers Market treasures

My favorite season  
A bouquet of golden sunflowers
September splendor for sure... 

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  1. ah i love me some fall....nice short verse up top...and your other def evokes fall for me as well....our weekend prompt at dverse was my thoughts were on it as well...nice cool morning this morning...

  2. Enjoyed your well-arranged autumn thoughts and your pictures! Definitely keeps me in that autumn mood. Smiles!

  3. Your pictures are delightful Helena, a feast for the eyes!

  4. Not quite something from nothing ,I watch You create from Your Mind and Beautiful Heart & Soul...Love Always .

  5. Oh this is beautiful..I love Fall and you put me in the mood even more so..Blessings

  6. so, so beautiful Helena ~ how you write ~ has me in raptures~ not having too much in the way oof summer here in the Uk I wish we could have had a little more before the onset of the fall ~ but the gentle soothing way you have painted and the harvests you've shown ~ lovely, lovely, lovely as are you my dear friend ~ Memory box is always so full of calm and soothing fragrances ~ Mmmm x x x hugs always and love Lib x x x


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