Monday, December 24, 2012

Home For The Holidays

As this gentle season may you find time
to see the beauty of each quiet moment
- Helena White

Our Christmas tree sits in the corner of our family room beside out fireplace.
Sparkles and glittering lights and ornaments fill our room with luminous beauty.
Our house has been transformed with the help of a little Christmas magic

I love filling glass cylinders with colourful ornaments

Our recollections are what
make Christmas so special…
Our many wonderful memories
are never gone, they are still there
hidden in the midst of our
childlike enthusiasm

  Collected Charms 

I love decorating with family heirlooms which were lovingly 
passed down from my Mother and her Mother. 
It’s like wrapping our home in a loving
nostalgic embrace. These are the quiet gifts of Christmas.

Battery operated candles are amazing! 
They have a timer. They come on around 5 pm 
and stay on for five before they shut themselves off… 
How great is that? 

Tinsel and tree lights
gifts brightly tied
The happiest feelings inside
Surprise plans, hushed preparations
A mood of wonder and anticipation
Goodwill and cheer to all
For the once a year
Magic of Christmas
is here
It was very early morning and the stillness of the dawn
was upon us while soft snow fell on the housetops
as the household awakened from Christmas Eve slumber

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Love Helena


  1. smiles....glad you got the magic of christmas and the enthusiasm of a child...your house looks beautiful! have a very merry christmas!

  2. What a magical Christmas. I love your blog from your new follower!


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