Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Very Heart Of Things

Its been awhile since I visited the Pub.  
When I read Brian's post "A New Dawn" 
...well what can I say, I had to join in for old times sake
The steps creaked, impaired by time
With hesitation I caressed the railing
The porch scent was welcoming 

 Overwhelming melancholy was tangible 
With each breath so deep 
I surrendered and closed my weeping eyes 

With one sure step the threshold 
transported me back in time...
To the the end
Yet everything old seemed new again

After the body rush, little remained 
Wanderlust lead to many a place
But always we seem to return to grace 

In an old house
In the very heart of things
I sat and reminisced
On the old Porch swing

Posted for the D'verse Poets Pub - Pick a line 
From Claudia’s Poem: ”In the old house, in the very heart of things” to respond to the challenge prompt to use a line from Claudia or Brian’s challenge poems.


  1. This made me recall going back home ~ This is full of nostalgia "in the very heart of things" ~

    How lovely to read you Helena ~ its been a long time, smiles ~

  2. I read this and was overcome with serenity, and a certain longing for the home of my youth. This is just lovely. Thank you!

  3. def feel the reminiesing...the nostalgia maybe...hopefully when i am on that porch swing, it is contentment as well...and it is so good to see you helena...seems only fitting the person that gave us our first logo for that first night be there for one of my last...smiles.

  4. Sweet uplifting the photo!

  5. A few places I go make me feel this way... I've been living in the same place since I was 5, now 23, so many things have changed; sometimes the feeling of nostalgia is very overwhelming.

  6. Somehow we go out exploring - but at the end there is that place were we can find a home.. Hopefully we can find our way back to that place.

  7. Ah, but can we ever go back? The past is a foreign country and all that. Lovely, wistful poem - and fits in so well with your first statement, that you haven't visited in a long while... Hope it's not a farewell forever?

  8. I particularly like the way the rhyming quatrain rounds it off so nicely.

  9. Very nostalgic! One gets worked up thinking of old times certainly!


  10. My best dreams are of going back to my childhood and being with Grandma and Grandpa. I don't dream it very often and that makes them so very precious.

  11. the joy and peaceful scent of home - it clearly shines through here... the rest and being ok just who we are... and so good to see you's been a bit.. and i didn't forget the artwork either you did for us for the pub opening...smiles

  12. This is so nice and refreshing, something to cherish.

  13. Lovely and nostalgic. I came by to see if you wrote anything new. Sending you hugs.

  14. Wonderful feeling of the time traveling. It evokes some warm, peaceful feeling in heart.


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