Friday, February 25, 2011

Leaving A Trace

Leaving A Trace

We seldom ever see
beyond our own reside
The wonders that surround us
are too often held inside.

But once I journey inward
When I find I’m all  alone
The words appear as if by magic
As if my heart has find it’s home


♥ )

Writing creates focus and allows me the space to find my
authentic self. I can be transformed by the many insights
I  discover by keeping a journal. My unedited script
from within is no longer held hostage by my mind
chatter when I enter the safe haven of journaling and
poetry writing. Getting to know myself through writing
is truly a wonderful adventure.  A gift to ones self.
By filling the empty pages with my innermost opinions,
expectations and stories along with the simple
details of everyday life, creates focus and connection to
life itself. Putting pen to paper takes me on a quest,
a journey of the self, that will reveal who I truly am.

Putting my innermost thoughts down on paper,
helps me figure out how I feel and this has helped
me make meaningful changes in my life. The
written word exposes our deepest desires and
our greatest fears. It enables me to see things
with clarity, so that I may continue on my way.
Everyone can realize this, simple by leaving a trace.

♥  © Hεlεɳa ωђίԵε

A big thank you  Brian, from a writer, new to the blog world.

in other words write!!!


  1. Lovely Helena. Beautiful write.

  2. Gorgeous reflection

  3. nice. i have kept a journal for the last 8 or 9 is fun to go back and look at them to see how far you have come, or maybe not in some areas....writing for me gives me that opportunity to till the earth of my thoughts and let my heart leak just a bit...

  4. it's scary sometimes to look inside,bbut you're right, it is a wonderful gift to give one's self.

  5. first to thine ownself be true,that is the essence of poetry.Well done and said

  6. Beautiful words of joy of writing for yourself

  7. Brian, When I look back at older journals, I notice my handwriting changes according to the mood I was in lol!

    Thanks everyone, I love company!!! ~.^ Hεlεɳa


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