Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Unfinished Fairy Fable


An Unfinished Fairy Fable

Isabeau delights in a magical dance
in the twilight of the moonlight under
a canopy of billions of glittering stars.
The mysterious Fay waves her
magic wand, and, behold!
a golden glow illuminates the forest.
As nightfall envelops the garden,
shimmering fireflies and
incandescent woodland creatures appear.
The forest fills with excitement,
as pixie fairies transform the
garden patch into a shimmering
brilliance that is other-worldly.
The spicy cedar fills the air...
baubles and treats hang from the evergreens.
Take a deep breath in…
allow the crisp air to evoke
childhood memories and fill you with joy!
As the sprites sip from the gleaming magic fountain,
they sense a presence off in the distance.
Two radiant Sapphire diamonds return their gaze.
Moonlight glistens across the garden,
creating a golden glow of enchantment,
as it reflects in the luminous eyes of Navarre.
The forest is becalmed with silence.

The formless divine guardian safeguards
all spirits in the sphere of sleep.
The forest now slumbers in calm trust
while fanciful dreams transpire.

As Navarre awakens, he searches
the bright morning sky.
Memories hold fast as last night's
celebrations linger close to his heart.
There, so high, LadyHawke soars above
the meandering paths, gazing down at
Navarre from the distant outlying blue.
A ghost-like image in his mind's eye
reveals the beautiful terrestrial Isabeau
walking close beside him as they
cross the forest floor.
Yet now, in the light of day,
she is no longer earthbound, and she flies as
an unrestricted captive.



  1. Were do you get all this talent and inspiration from.Every thing seems so alive and just out of touch,like a ghostly appration floation on the mists.I really am running out of words.beautiful,amazing how often can I use them.

  2. Wow! This one is simply brilliant and divine!

  3. I'm with Richie and Lorely on this one Helena... You are magical !

  4. Thank you So much! My heart is full of gratitude xox

  5. classical and lovely tale.
    keep it positive, and smiles.


  6. oh i like the unfinished fairy tales most...this was mesmerizing with the
    woodland creatures and pixie fairies... beautiful

  7. This is beautiful and magical.

  8. Very nicely constructed, great fairy tale vib too it, enjoyed the read.

  9. Yes I'm wondering how you do it and like Richard said, I'm running out of words to describe your work. It is truly amazing..Susie

  10. Really good fantasy captured in poetic lines. You had me at "in the twilight of the moonlight under
    a canopy of billions of glittering stars." Very nice.

  11. awesome imagination :D
    beautiful and magical write.

  12. What dazzling imagery, Helena!! It was such a well woven tale indeed... more like a dream... simply fantastic!!
    Oh, and I ABSOLUTELY loved the term "unrestricted captive" -- it perfectly describes my muses as well :)


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