Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Autumn Morn

ೋღ  ღೋ

While dawn’s ascent 
shepherds in golden hues
scattered by silent rays 
of delicate morning light
to wish goodness with 
rainbow dayspring views
under the maples as 
cardinals, take flight
Sunlight polished 
kaleidoscope prisms bright
to blossom upon 
gossamer pastel sky’s
unveiling embellishments 
as breezes sigh

ೋღ  ღೋ


  1. Kaleidoscope prisms bright ... This is beautiful !

  2. whata beautiful glimpse of nature in a tight compact box...i love autumn...

  3. Wow wonderfully portrayed beauty of the season, nicely done!

  4. Your words are just so beautiful! My mind came alive reading them!

  5. an onrush of beautiful images

  6. You painted my favorite season so beautiful. Susie

  7. You have wrapped some of my favorite dreamy words in this shawl of sweetness, light and hope of a new day.


    And I must make and post you one of my little artsy sidebar link buttons someday soon, Helena. The style you show on your blog is enchanting!

  8. Oh how stunning this is, lovely Helena, and the pictures you chose are equally so. I love all of your wondrous writings!


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