Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Breeze

The warm summer breeze
played tag with the lace curtains
at my window
As the bright morning light
stenciled lacy silhouettes
against the wall,
the smell of freshly cut grass
lingered in as well
The open window...
An invitation beckons
The screen door slams behind me
I love the wind...
feeling it’s invisible touch
brushing past
My breathe drinks it in
So filled with melancholy,
there is barely but a
whisper of presence felt
Yet, at the same time
I feel comforted by
dawn’s warming affection
Birds sing softly as if to whisper,
dry your earnest tears…
The wake of each step echoes,
loving thoughts of you

Photo by Helena White ~ 2011
Originally posted August 16, 2011
 for D'Verse Poets Pub - OpenLinkNight
Re-posted July 20, 2012 for D'Verse Poets Pub 1st Anniversary Celebration
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  1. A beautiful poem. I know you are going through a lot right now..wishing you well.

  2. i could smell the freshly cut grass and feel the breeze on my skin..a tender write and glad you found some comfort in the peacefulness of the moment helena

  3. A beautiful poem and a tender feeling. Been thinking about you a lot. Hope you're doing better.

  4. This reminds me why I love summer. Wonderful involvement of the senses.

  5. Tender and gentle as the whisper...

    Lovely ~

  6. The gentlest moments (mercifully) are those at pre-dawn when I'm forced to get up for work and the whole world barely whispers. Your poem has this feel, so quiet, so gentle.

  7. All those little touches of the world around are like touches from a loved one. Beautiful.

  8. smiles...love the natural touches, the wind and open window where the sounds spill through...i still feel a hint of sadness here...but getting there...smiles.

  9. oh, I do love this beautiful write of serenity even in the midst of your pain. It will get easier they say - never easy but easier

  10. Very beautiful. My senses were all awakened. Superb piece.

  11. Wow, Truely awesome,light and just awe inspiring.

  12. Such a tender piece, very well done.

  13. The idea of curtains playing tag is stellar! I can picture it.

    Love the flow and breeziness of this.

    And your site is so pretty!

  14. Ohh.... this is simply LOVELY, Helena... it had such a musical feel to it...
    And it is especially dear to me.. you will know why I am saying so after you read my OpenLinkNight poem.. seriously! I cannot imagine how closely related our poems are... AWESOME!!!! :))))


  15. I feel comforted by
    dawn’s warming affection.

    Birds sing softly as if to whisper,
    dry your earnest tears…

    This happened to me this morning, in the moment I was temporarily suspended from grief. Thank you.

  16. Well done as usual Helena,your writing inspires

  17. enjoyed the re-read..this time it goes deeper for me..has a warmth in the face of something cold and a re-assuring hope that shines through

  18. It is so strange to revisit this on a morning that I've been struck by grief. Your gentle, beautiful words have again brought comfort, thank you.

  19. Beautiful to revisit this my friend. Love it !

  20. smiles...i remember this one...thank you for being a part of dverse when you can...and i remember you first symbol art we used that first time...was way cool....


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