Thursday, August 18, 2011

Morning Reflections

No one sees the private tears
The constant ache inside
The everlasting prayers
To have you by my side

No one knows the pain through
Loving thoughts of you
No one feels my emptiness
Life’s helpless void now true

Knowing that I loved you
Knowing that I cared
Knowing this is not enough
To see you through despair 

So my prayers  each day are simple
They are lasting, they are true
I wish to see your smile
Perhaps a glimpse of you

Each morning grief envelops me
It seems there’s no escape
Only dreams and fantasies
Are hopeful turns of fate

Shared memories are endless
So too deep-seated pain
Memories are constant
And are all that still remain

Authors note ~ I wrote this poem in the wee small hours in March, 1993, during the most difficult time of my life while grieving the death of my sixteen year old daughter, Chantelle ~ The words “no one sees the private tears” repeated over and over in my mind that morning ~ It was as if the words were being whispered to me ~ I was compelled to write non stop and within minutes this poem had manifested and tears fell as I read my words aloud  ~  This year has been most difficult I’m afraid, leaving me with even more losses to mourn ~ The timing of your chosen topic for D’Verse tonight makes re-posting this piece seem appropriate, almost serendipitous.


༺ l i v e ♥ l a u g h ツl o v e ☼ peace☮༺
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  1. whew...emotive...the greatest fear i have is that something would happen to my boys...hard to imagine...hard read...sorry wont crit it, far too personal...for that...

  2. Like Brian, I won't be offering any critique as this comes from your heart, and that is sacred.
    I hope your outpouring eased some suffering and was replaced with extra love.


  3. Dear Helena
    My heart breaks for you!
    I'm so sorry for your loss!
    To lose a child is the greatest heartbreak!
    And one never gets over losing that child!
    May her memory always be a blessing!


  4. This is beautiful and so sad....I am so sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking... sending you hugs.

  5. Heartbreaking Helena. To say I'm sorry would never in a million years cut it. I can't imagine what you've been through and how many silent tears there have been, just know that I love you and will be praying for the comfort you so deserve and need.. Susie

  6. I am very touched with your share... I pray for your peace and love...

  7. For sure there are more than just memories and the pain is quite the ame within. I am sure that if you really look you'll get to see that smile, that glimps of her. She is everywhere, just be aware, while you pray.
    That image... that's the window throgh which you'll get to see the light.

    Blessings, Helena!

    PS. Thanks so much for keeping sweeter poetry in that list. You honor me!


  8. Such a beautiful, heart-breaking post, Helena *hugs* I am so very sorry for your loss. I often think that the greatest pain of all in this life would be to lose a child. 16 is SO young!

    This topic has been heavy on my mind lately because my cousin is dying as I type this. Her parents are in their 80s and I can't imagine what it must be like for them to watch their daughter slowly slipping away each day . . .

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Helena.
    Sending you love, light & healing,
    Fiona :-)


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