Wednesday, January 12, 2011

♥ B a b y ♥ L o v e ♥

в α в чι о ν εв α в чι о ν εв α в чι о ν ε

Awaiting your arrival,
The small chore that it be
We await in this bewilderment
Wondering who you’ll be

With the latter part the hardest,
As our patience wears so thin
The love you’ll spread between us
Will be returned with your every whim

While the time is growing nearer
I make this wish with a grin
To hold your tiny being
Next to mine
And not within

в α в чι о ν εв α в чι о ν εв α в чι о ν ε

Rhe'al @ 5 months

Written while very pregnant with my son, Rhe'al ~ 1973


  1. Your son Rhe'al is very lucky to have a mother who has so much love and poetry in her soul.

  2. If you'd like, I'll be happy to write this lovely poem in calligraphy, and you can present it to Rheal on his next birthday. I can use one of the cards that I sent you...if you tell me which one you think he'll resonate to the most.


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