Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ƭђe Gift

❈♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈

Doɳ't offεr gifts oɳ silvεr plattεrs
Of diamoɳds, jewεls galorε
Graɳt mε lovε aɳd strεɳgtђ
Ƭo fiɳd ωitђiɳ
My owɳ authεɳtic Ƥεarl

❈♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈

ღ  Hεlεɳa ~.^

This is my poem for one-shot-poetry-wednesday
Hosted this week by Adam Dustus.
A fantastic stage to share your poems & prose.


  1. I think that you have found your pearl.The beauty you find in the world and express in your poetry.

  2. I love pearls. They are nature's expression of how we can take an irritation and transform it into a sphere of white-splendored beauty.

    I am especially moved by this verse. It reveals how you have used your own love and inner strength as guides to your own Truth. Your Spirit shines through brilliantly, my dear Helena.

  3. smiles. a delightful verse...may you find your pearl...

  4. Wise words. Support and encouragement of others to find their way is priceless.

  5. Loveiy and so true, let us each seek our own pearl of who we are..very nice...bkm

  6. That was a nice surprise ending :) Loved it!

  7. What an astonishing picture you found to go along with this! Love it!!

  8. simple....yet wonderfully said...cheers pete


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