Friday, January 21, 2011

The Beacon

There’s a candle in the window

See, over there!
It’s lit every night, no exception
The neighbours think she’s odd
I’m here to tell you their wrong

The candle serves as a beacon
For the lost to find their way
through the cover of night

Yep, they come from all over
She never turns anyone away
Some stay a night, some stay weeks,
some never leave

Her door is open to all, you see

Yum! Hot stew tonight
The smell is intoxicating isn’t it?
I hear she makes the best coffee around
Clean sheets, warm blankets, soft pillow
Why, I just might go myself, hehe!

Watch the candle
It’s so bright tonight

Oh no, there’s no shame, she offers no judgement
Just a warm welcome to troubled souls
Ya just have to reach out

See , just over there,

Where there’s a candle in the window

© Hεɭεɳ ~.^

___________ ♥༺❀༻ ღ ༺❀༻♥ _____________

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  1. Your poetry is a candle in the window for us all.

    I recognize the lamp and candle in the photo as the one in your home...attracting those who are soothed and comforted by your Light.

  2. I enjoy your poetry so much,don't ever stop.You have a lot to share with the world.

  3. keep that light on...this world needs a bit more compassion...


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