Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Friend

With my back up against the trunk of an old tree,
I would write.

In the summer,
I’d seek out the large shade tree in our back yard.
With a cozy blanket to soften the ground beneath me,
I allowed its spendor to embrace me.
While under its protective canopy,
I would always feel safe.
Having always loved words,
putting pen to paper was and still is my bliss.

Gazing up through the majestic maple,
I found escape easy and with little effort
I would write down my most
private thoughts and imaginings.

In quiet solitude,
I gave attention to my life, to my memories,
to the subtle details as they were presented.
I would find my authentic self when enveloped by nature
and especially when all was in quiet stillness.

Thoughts of the tree evoke many tangible memories.
Rich deep colours fall in slow motion,
offering their beauty as a gift unique for me alone.
By late afternoon the sun enveloped the space,
basking a warm golden glow.
It was then that inspiration would strike,
again guiding my pen to discover paper.

༺❀༻  ©  Hεlεɳa ༺❀༻


  1. Awe Helena, you started with my Prompt... I'm in tears sweety !!! Of course it's as beautiful today as when you wrote it !!
    I think this is a wonderful start and look forward to following you each day

  2. JL suggested that I might loke your blog.I like it .Not to toot my own horn, but ask JL about my blog. keep on writing my new found friend.

  3. What a gorgeous picture to accompany your insightful prose. Helena, you have started this New Year with such creative beauty that it brings great joy to my heart...and a sweet tear to my eye. Congratulations on the birth of your first publication!

    With love and light, Allenda

  4. thank you for the kind words,would you be agreeable to connecting on facebook?

  5. Dear Helena, such words are filled with cathartic sentiments casting remarkable healing to the soul, what a gift God gave you, I know it will grow like a beautiful flower on a balmy evening, all my depest respect and love Sienna.

  6. Sienna, your words have left me speechless! My appreciation overflows. Thank you dear friend.

    ...How generous you and others have been in regards to my writing. I am so very grateful and feel Privileged to call you friends.

    ♥ Helena

  7. What a beautifully written piece about a treasured place in your memories! It brought back wonderful memories of a huge tree that used to shelter me from the storms of life as I was growing up. I too have put endless words to paper from the time I was young, a life long love-affair with the written word! Thank you for sharing this lovely post on Monday Memories!


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