Thursday, January 20, 2011


ི♥ྀ ♥ ི♥ྀ♥ ི♥ྀ ♥ ི♥ྀ ♥ ི♥ྀ ♥ 

Paiղtεd Lady
Ʈraղsparεղt Єlεgaղcε
Gracεful wiղged Kalεidoscopε
Lovεly Sђadεs
Of Etђεrεal Blusђ
Єvεr-cђaղgiղg in fligђt
Harlεquiղ Huε Diviղε 

ི♥ྀ ♥ ི♥ྀ♥ ི♥ྀ ♥ ི♥ྀ♥ ི♥ྀ ♥ 

© Hεlεɳa ~.^


  1. Nice to see you posting again !
    beautiful poem !

  2. To envision one now in the midst of this such a gift!

  3. Glad your back,the beauty of a butterfly is so last thing this blog and your other one is as beautiful as your poetry. Pewrfect for a poet.

  4. The poem captures the exquisite picture of the butterfly so well.

    Also reminds me of the famous Confucius quote:

    What the caterpillar calls the end of the world...
    The Master calls a butterfly


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