Sunday, January 30, 2011


 ❈♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ ♥ ❈ 

   Like grains of sand   
Love will flourish      
When allowed to commingle      
To create a perfect union


  1. To consider love as effusive as all that sand is a really nice thought. Also like that you use the word "allowed" b/c often there's an inhibition considering the limits of acceptability. Nicely done challenge response.

  2. what a great idea, I can't wait to see were both you and JL go with this idea. I know it will be very unique.

  3. nice i like the use of allowed as well..b/c without it does not work...nice write...

  4. I appreciate your kind comments, thank you. H ~.^

  5. This is very interesting! I have never seen this form of poetry before! It is very beautifully done! I am always looking for new ideas and trying to get out of my comfort zone! I have a poetry blog as well feel free to visit and share your opinions!

  6. @ reflectionsofme, Thankyou so much. I appreciate your comments and as far the the form goes, I just write what I feel, without thinking too much about form...I write outside of the box lol!

  7. Hi Helena,
    Love the poem, it is really beautiful !
    So glad you found the One Stop Poetry website, It has a lot to offer !
    HUGS !!


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