Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Babbling Brook

Barefoot tender
River Rock smooth
Refreshing, so cool
The Rivers edge welcoming embrace
Boulders comfort warmed by the Sun
Breath of summers past
awaken memories so dear
Faint melancholy traces back
To the Babbling Brook.

This poem holds memories from my childhood...
spending time with my sisters,
down the back lane of our property
at the babbling brook.......
I can hear the birds singing as I remember with fondness

Posted For One Shot Wednesday 


  1. Faint melancholy ....I feel your vision..lovely!

  2. nice...love to sit by the babbling brook...its sweet music on a summer day...under a tree...taking a nap...ha...

  3. What an enchanting blog you have. I love your thoughts about creativity. I am a musician who blogs about creativity. Please visit me at freetospeakblog.blogspot.com I would love to hear from you.

  4. What a quiet piece you've give us to refresh our day.

  5. Aww.. this one has such a lovely nostalgic feel to it, Helena! I just flowed smoothly along with this... ... simply beautiful !

  6. I love this and the babbling brook. That's how I feel about my little creek at the back of my house. You gave new meaning to it. Thanks Helena..Susie

  7. Oh....what I would give to be at this babbling brook right now....such beauty here!


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